Saturday, January 31, 2015

Meandering thoughts.............

Just look at that cute face.......actually cute faces !     Meet Alex's new friend, Aspen, a portuguese water dog, 10 weeks old alongside Roxie, the Princess of the house and 9 years old.     

The Colorado house has always been happy and alive with kids and cats and dogs and birds and fish, and even a bearded dragon and a turtle at one time.    Aspen comes from outstanding stock and may get a chance to show off  all her talent and breeding  as she grows.     It's a fun hobby and I'm sure Alex is up to the task.   I went that route with one of our dog many years ago.   It was fun but also very political once you get into the serious shows.   But they will have the support of the breeders to show them the way.     It sounds like a lot of fun and what a cute ball of fluff (until she grows).   

Otherwise, the days are rolling along and we are gearing up for heading North.....probably between snowfalls.    

FITBIT sent me a new badge for walking the length of Italy !!    I guess if I'd been more diligent when I first got the thing, ( april last year ) I might have  walked  thru Europe by now.    But I'll take the accolades.      The other day I managed to do 6 miles without too much discomfort.    And then today, I struggled getting 3 miles in.    

I received a subpoena a few weeks to go for a deposition yesterday.     Annoying at best.    Drove 45 min to the designated office. Had an appt for 10 am along with about 8 others who all had the same time.    By 11 we were still waiting !.    Finally, I got called in first and answered questions from the Prosecutor and Defense attorney re: an attempted break-in at a neighbor's house.   I happened to see the suspect on the golf course and gave a statement to the police ( I wrote about it last March).  
No one else in the group had seen anything.    The accused is also wanted on other robberies.    I'm really hoping this doesn't go to trial as I suspect I would be called as a witness for the Prosecution.....even tho I can't really identify him, I saw identifying features.

I finished listening to The Martian on my walks.    It's to be movie coming out late in the year with Matt Damon as the astronaut.   It was good.    I'm reading a couple more books.    If you like to explore new books and authors, Amazon has a blog called Omnivoracious which leads me to some interesting choices.
  I'm also delving deeper and deeper into  plant based eating.....again.    When I did it a couple years ago, I felt great.    I'm not sure why I slipped back into old habits but probably just lazy and the lure of Mexican food (altho leave out the meat/cheese and it's a great vegan food )        The weight is coming off , I'm more energetic and sleeping better.    And, I'm noticing that it is going more mainstream with articles on plant based eating in major publications and more and more athletes embracing the lifestyle.    And yes, I get plenty of protein and calcium from what I eat.   One of the best books is "The Forks over Knives Plan".    The movie Forks over Knives on Netflix is impressive.   So, enough of my proselytizing.

Today we are going to play golf !    We've had tee times a couple of times previously and cancelled them for lack of enthusiasm.    I'm giving it one more shot and if I'm not really really good , I'm going to find a new use for my clubs.    

PS:     We played golf, nice day, sun shining, coolish.....didn't play great, didn't play awful.   Will keep clubs for another day.     Had an observer .........

Monday, January 26, 2015

Snow is why old people live in Florida............

 I'm holding my breath and hoping that Jim Cantore doesn't show up in SW Connecticut.    And if he does here's hoping he brings free generators for everyone !!    

This is from the snowfall a couple of days ago.    And then the "guys"  (along with Scout troop 270 of Sandy Hook ) went on a sleep over on the carrier Intrepid in NYC and saw the space shuttle Enterprise up close and personal.    What a wonderful adventure for those kids.

Nothing new down here in the land of sun and fun.    The pickle ball paddles and my fitbit are getting good workouts.    He's moved up to the Intermediate level and I'm gradually getting more and more steps in each day.     I was out feeling proud of my increasing distance (almost 5 miles that morning) when I was passed by this woman of age with her ear buds in and  no sign of sweat or pain on her face.   I struck up a brief conversation and asked how far she walks........ " 6 miles most days but today I'm doing 8 ".....I was crushed.   I rationalized all the way home..... a bit younger, no grey hair, a tiny bit thinner, must have better shoes,  and probably is getting paid for the mileage by some advertiser.    Then I felt better and decided that we all need a challenge.

We're looking forward to heading North once again......back to Connecticut in Feb.    The grandparents will be in charge for a few days...... providing the forecast is for sun and 60 degrees and they've shoveled a path to the door.      Meanwhile back at the ranch, the golf course is OPEN at Cobble Creek and the sun is shining on the mountains.   Ski in the morning and golf in the afternoon. !!!

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Seriously, I really need to be more aware of my responsibilities as a blogger and occasionally post something...... something catchy and witty and substantial and mysterious and meaningful and ...... oh, forget it.   This is as good as it gets in my brain.  

In my never ending quest to eat healthy, I've perfected the best 'Big Pot" of substantial fixings.     This is what I call chili but it's more than that.     I start with diced tomatoes, add canned corn, beans (lots of beans ), kale, spinach, lots of onion, and taco seasoning.     Then, depending on what I have, I throw in my zucchini or squash or sweet potato noodles, and then quinoa penne pasta....made with just quinoa and corn meal.     It doesn't stay together as it sits for a couple days but it adds a nice hearty substance to the liquid.    You can also use just the quinoa grains or small pasta or brown rice.    I used to make it with ground turkey breast but now that I'm meat-free again, I don't need it and it isn't missed.

Under the Christmas tree this year were these unique bowl/plate combos from Jeff and Jennifer.   They are perfect for just about anything that goes in a bowl.    The plate twists off and the handle on the bowl is very handy.    We use them a lot and especially for the 'chili'....
Speaking of eating and the resulting need to work it off, no matter how healthy the food..... I won this prestigious award after competing in the Workweek Hustle with my blog friend Robbie and a friend of hers.    All courtesy of FiTBIT.     I love that little device and it continues to motivate me to get out  and move.


I also joined The Villages FITBIT group and out of 20 members (pretty pathetic participation considering there are over 100,000 people here) I am in 9th place after only a couple of days.    The leader averages over 20,000 steps a day !   Sounds a bit like an overachiever or else she's a rambunctious 2 year old.

While I'm out there doing my steps, I am listening to this book.    It has gotten rave reviews on Amazon and Jon and MB liked it.    They said it was pretty scientific, which is an understatement, but I can easily ignore the equation to make water from various elements that the stranded astronaut on Mars has to contend with..... It's also funny.     I enjoy audible books but they are expensive.    I'm on a trial subscription with and get 2 freebies this month and then they will charge me $14.95 / month for ONE book.    That's not going to happen as long as I remember to cancel after I get my 2nd book.

Cobble Creek came to The Villages this month.    Friends, Sue and Matt ( last seen on the  hiking trails in Capitol Reef NP ) are renting a lovely house down here for 3 months.     We caught up with them at the Square one evening enjoying the high-energy band.    Coach P is also working with all of us to improve our pickle ball game so we can go back to Colorado with enough skills to play without embarrassing ourselves.      Speaking of the Coach, he is in a league and his team is in FIRST place.
AND, absolutely, that is coffee in that Starbucks cup !!!!!

PS:    Thank you for not mentioning the words............ 18, orange, Super Bowl.  

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back where the sun shines.............

What is a blog without content ?    I suspect it is a strong reflection on the author and her procrastination, laziness, lack of creativity and a life that is not blog worthy.   Despite all of this , I do miss chatting with you and reading your comments (few and far between I might add) but I know your'e out there by the stats that I have access to.   I could get more info on you but I prefer not knowing and just presume that I have a following of thousands.   Enough said......

We actually enjoyed driving to Connecticut and back.    We could take stuff and didn't have to work around Jon and MB's schedule for getting to and from the airport.    We could have wandered a bit more but we got anxious to get where we were going and did it in two easy days both ways.    Weather was perfect, traffic was impressive ( especially all those cars heading North out of Florida after New Years .... they were crawling for miles and miles.) and the accidents were limited to fender benders.  (Theirs, not ours ).   So, here's a brief look........

 Saw this painting in a furniture store while MB was trying out sofas....I may have to order it !

.!!/product/B0007Y9WHQ/ref=s9_simh_gw_p79_d0_i2?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=desktop-1&pf_rd_r=034149SKMT0JMBY2P7RY&pf_rd_t=36701&pf_rd_p=1970559082&pf_rd_i=desktop      Here's a fun kitchen gadget.    Makes various sized noodles out of squash, zucchini, carrots, ......   Jon tried a potato and baked it in the curly fries.    Put spaghetti sauce on the "zoodles"  and you won't be able to tell it isn't spaghetti !!       I admit to an addiction of bread....not just any bread, but the homemade, crusty warm loaves from Stew Leonards, smothered in butter and SaraBeth's Jam (Oprahs favorite and mine too ).....    I ate a lifetime of carbs and loved every bite.    Now, my chubby little self is paying for it and today the walking shoes and my FITBIT got a good workout.  

On a cold, blustery day, we went to an indoor mini Monster golf place......all in blacklight and loud music....and a big green drooling thing in the corner.    I played golf about as well as I do on the real courses.

All good things come to an end and the huge tree dropped most of it's needles as it was mashed thru the door on it's way to the woods....

Yes, that's Granddad bowling....he hasn't walked the same since.....really !

 If you have nothing else to spend your money on, and you like of us had a birthday to begin the New Year.    We enjoy music of all types and a Sonos system seemed like a good idea.   It's tied into your WIFI and you control it from your phone, iPad or computer.     Right now I am listening to a combo of Queen, ELO and Bach !!    He prefers Adele, Sara Bareilles, a mellower mix.....   The sound quality is excellent.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy New Year.........