Monday, May 16, 2016

Back where we belong..............

No news is good news.............

For whatever quirky reasons, I can't upload pictures so you'll have to use your imagination.

We made it to our Western abode about 10 days ago.     Our trip after San Antonio was uneventful and we planned to take a short break in AZ.     Jeff and Jen moved from their beautiful home on the Columbia River in WA to their equally lovely home in North Scottsdale.     So we had to enjoy the sunshine and the desert and the magnificent saguaros.    This mighty cactus is only located in the Sonoran Desert  ( Northern Mexico, SW Arizona and So California).    It is highly prized and protected and very slow growing so the stately tall ones are very very old.

To celebrate my lengthy stay on this earth, they treated me to a lighted sculpture show at the Desert Botanical Garden one beautiful evening.    Non-professional pictures just didn't capture the views.  After, we retired to their home to eat VEGAN chocolate cupcakes and Ben and Jerry's VEGAN ice cream.    Yes, it's full of calories but ........ How often do I turn 73 !!  

We so enjoyed our stay in the desert.    The varied restaurants, featuring fresh well prepared food, was a real treat.    The outdoor mall and a light lunch and sangria with Jennifer was special.    Hikes in the hills at the campground amid the flowering cactus was the best.    

We explored the many 55+ communities in the Phoenix area and were intrigued.    We met up with some RV friends who winter there and learned a lot from various sales centers.     No, we haven't committed to anything but we are thinking broadly about the next chapter in our lives.

AND, we had great fun reminiscing with my cousin Diane and husband Mark.   They live in Cave Creek which is next to No Scottsdale.      We grew up together in nearby states  ( ND and MN) and shared a wonderful grandmother and great memories.  

And then we came north to Cobble Creek and found it to be COLD.    It's ok tho.  We love the morning fireplace, the jeans and sweaters and pickle ball and morning walks in the crisp air.    It does warm up quickly and the Colorado blue sky with the snow capped peaks is always a wonder.    Yesterday, we had some spring winds.    They are notorious this time of year and my Weather Underground app said the winds were 52-63 mph.    One of us left a chair cushion out and altho we drove around the neighborhood, it is likely in Utah.

We had barely unpacked when my brother Tom and wife Regina arrived on their way to Arkansas from California.   We were happy to give them a break on their long drive and he brought more outdoor spinners for neighbors who admire ours.    He sold a bunch last year and hopefully, I can find homes for the 3 that I have.

Tomorrow we head East to celebrate Lizzie's graduation from Mountain View HS.   As with the other's graduation, it will be held at Red Rocks Amphitheater.     An amazing natural setting unless it is 80 degrees and brilliant sunshine.....then it feels a bit like getting fried on the stone seating.    Forecast is for partial sun and 60's.      Can't wait to see all those grown-up grands once again....such a  great bunch of kids........but when did they become adults.    I was at their births and that means we are really old !!     But thankful that we are !!

When and if the blogger app decides not to censor my pictures, I'll post a few .................

We're happy to be back in the West and among friends and family once again.....   Life is Good.!!