Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day

We went to try out some golf clubs for ME on Monday.    TV does everything pretty well and their efforts to sell you new golf gear is no exception.     The clubs are displayed in a bright new  facility next to the driving range  with every color and brand and style of club you could imagine.    Well, not sure about the color and style but they had what I was looking for...sort of.     I chatted with a very nice gent about my wishes and expectations and we went to the large open bay with a lovely view so I could try them out for size.    Well, after abusing several clubs and embarrassing myself with a couple wayward shots, he said that maybe I should just stay with what I have.....and go to WALMART !!!!  and get a weighted club and practice with that so I could improve my swing speed and my distance.    What he didn't say was "Lady, you're 72 yrs old, how long are you even going to be able to swing a club ?? ".     Actually, I don't think he was really thinking that since he had a few years on himself as well and he probably would have liked to sell me clubs..... but I certainly appreciate his honesty.       So, I might get a club at Walmart and maybe I'll just get a new golf bag and call it done.   After all, it's all about how you look anyhow.....

Two weeks until we hitch up the horses to the wagon and head on down the road.    I am ready.!!    P has been waxing and fixing and checking and getting the moving house ready to go.    I am filling up the guest room with stuff to put in the moving house.     We'll take about 10 days to get to Denver and I'll be sure and take a picture now and then and share.

About 10 days ago, we went to St Petersburg to view a showing of the PlantPureNation documentary that will open nationwide on July 4th.   As in all the cities that it is being previewed in, they had to move the showing to a larger auditorium in the theatre and many cities have sold out.     If interested, try and check out the cities where it's showing..    The show highlights efforts to share the amazing affects of eating plant based on small volunteer groups.   Starting out with small groups in NC, the participants agree to eat prepared food, delivered to their homes for 2 weeks.    A medical history and blood work is done at the beginning and repeated at the end.   It's fun to see how delighted and surprised they are at the amazing results.      After repeating these JUMPSTART groups in KY,  an attempt was made to pass a resolution to say that eating a whole food plant based diet was beneficial in avoiding and TREATING certain medical issues.     The KY legislature  rejected it twice and their comments are not their best and brightest moments.    But you realize that they are just trying to stay in office and protecting the lobbyists who keep them there......big agriculture, dairy and big pharma.     It's a sad commentary on our government, at all levels.
When I see the recalls of ice cream and the spread of bird flu in commercial farms and read that some big manufacturers are fearing a drop in sales due to contamination fears,  I enjoy my organic (mostly) plants.
Today is EARTH DAY and knowing that we are doing a very small part to return this planet to good health, makes me happy.      Here's a little something to think about.........

Monday, April 20, 2015

A perfect number....

Hi again !    Yep, we're still alive and well....haven't starved or withered away and we're still enjoying our new lifestyle.     It's always a new day of experimenting and learning and being encouraged by the energy and well being that we have found.     
We don't go out to eat very often.   Panera is a favorite but their breakfast sandwiches don't work for us.    We could have the oatmeal but we make that everyday at home.  
So, yesterday, being a day that called for a celebration, we headed to a local popular NY Deli kind of place.    We both ordered the waffles.    Yep, they probably had milk and eggs in them and maybe oil and sugar and other stuff that we avoid but they were the least offensive things on the menu.    I have to say, our taste buds were sparkling.     We brought our own real maple syrup (warmed even ! ) and the combination of thick crunchy waffle with cold juicy sweet strawberries and warm maple syrup was a delight.   Paul had his with bananas in a rum sauce ( think buttery ! ).    It was a fun indulgence.  

 Word has gotten around so no one sent me chocolate covered donuts  but Sandy sent this perfect Edible Arrangement.   It is huge and I immediately ate the strawberries and some pineapple.   So fresh and crisp....  We are both happy to have a ready snack to munch on.

Speaking of special days.    Yesterday, the number of the day was 72.    12 years ago, when I turned 60 I was in a state of denial and sadness.   I was not happy .   Mostly because I kept thinking that in 10 years I would be SEVENTY and I truly could not handle that thought.    I was not ready to be old and out of touch and probably ill and useless.      If only I'd known then what the next 12 years would bring, I would have been a happy happy me.     To come so close to losing the most amazing and wonderful person in my life , puts everything into a different perspective.    To watch him challenge every dire prediction the Drs could think of and accomplish goals no one could have predicted is just short of a miracle.    It is what the human spirit in conjunction with determination and stubbornness can accomplish.    These years are a huge gift to us and we embrace them and try and make them the very best possible years.    To be active and healthy and happy and in love with each other and our life is a gift we can not take lightly.     Seventy two is a perfect place to be and we embrace it with gratitude and understanding that the years will continue to accumulate and we will continue to do our best to be vibrant and as healthy as possible and to look forward to each and every day.    

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Favorite things...........

When did they all grow up???    Lizzie, Alex and Becca ...(.and Aspen.)...are really wonderful young adults and we are so proud of them.   Can't wait to see them soon.  

Healthy eating has been in the news of late.     The 2015 Dietary Guideline Advisory Committee has just issued it's latest recommendation on what Americans should be eating.    They concluded that a diet higher in plant-based foods and lower in animal-based foods is both healthier and better for the environment.  The meat industry is fighting back saying the meat advice is "flawed and nonsensical" and is urging people to protest the new guidelines.  "Hot dog, sausage, bacon and salami lovers throughout the land stand together as Americans in favor of a balanced diet that includes meat and poultry of all kinds."    The book "Whole" tells the truth about the influence of big business in our government policies.

Dr Dean Ornish wrote a strong opinion piece in the NY Times "The Myth of the High Protein Diet"   and John Stewart interviewed the author of "Living the Farm Sanctuary Life: The Ultimate Guide to Eating Mindfully, living Longer and Feeling Better Every Day" last night.   The discussion mentioned that going plant based is easier than ever.

On Sunday, we will go to St Petersburg for the sneak peek tour of the movie Plant Pure Nation which will open in July at local theaters.   It's been showing to sold out crowds in other cities.    The authors wrote "The China Study".  

The Masters Golf is on this week and I love watching it.    It is one of the most beautiful settings and yes, I know they discriminate against women and blacks altho there are now a few as members.    We live close enough to watch the Pro's in several of the Florida tournaments but having done that years ago at Pebble Beach and at the Buick Open in Westchester,  I now prefer TV.

I brought a pressure cooker !!    I hope to cook beans and grains in a fraction of the time.    I've never owned one and this one is very high tech and simple ( I hope).    It's  a slow cooker as well.   In my research, they are used to quickly make baked potatoes and sweet potatoes.   ( Guess they aren't really baked.)     Last night I made a "cheese" sauce out of potatoes, onions, carrots, spices and nutritional yeast ( a flaky substance with a  nutty, cheesey flavor ).   I mixed it with brown Jasmine rice and broccoli and Paul gave it an "8".    Tonight, the sauce will be used on baked potatoes.     I'm gradually building up a repertoire of favorite recipes.    

I watched Masterpiece theatre on Sunday night.   "Wolf Hall"  a compilation of the books of Hilary Mandell's, "Wolf Hall" and "Bringing Up the Bodies".   It covers the period of Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell and Anne Bolyne.    I thoroughly enjoyed the books but the show comes on at 10 pm and I am fading and we can't record the local channels.    I am a  British history fan but still have moments of figuring out who's who.    Maybe that's why I liked London so much.   Plus, I have British blood flowing thru my veins..

We're sort of planning our summer.    We'd love to see you but put in your reservation now so we can make sure we are not traveling when you decide to come out and climb mountains with us.   (not literally, we'll climb by Jeep ! )    We are thinking of heading to British Columbia and the beautiful Canadian Rockies.  

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Perfect week.......

Jennifer and Jeff came and went and it went by much too fast.   They had about perfect golf weather and as it got more hot and humid, they finished up their golfing days and headed back to the rain of the NW.    It was wonderful while it lasted and hope we can see them sooner than later.  


 TV is full of happy children for the Easter week and it is busy down here.   It's fun to see the dancing and laughter on the Squares each night as the generations have fun together.

Had my annual physical this week.    The Dr was very pleased with everything and had many questions about how I made the changes.   She said she was on a low carb diet and struggling.   I gave her some websites and told her to watch "Forks Over Knives" and "The Last Heart Attack" .    After she left, the assistant came in and said, " I don't know what you said to her but she's all excited and is writing things down".     So I went to B &N and bought 2 books and left them on her desk.   She may toss them .....but maybe not ......

We get the weekly updates from the Cobble Creek Hiking Club and I read them with envy.    Our friends, Jessica and Lynn, who led the group at Capital Reef, posted several pics of their time in "The Wave" near Kanab Utah.   Stunning.    Wikipedia describes it as a grueling 6 mile hike.    It is only open to 20 hikers a day and is by lottery the day before or by applying 4 months in advance.    It will be much too hot to consider it when we get out there........But I will enjoy Laura's pictures.

Some of you might be familiar with Melody Johnson and her fabulous art work.   She is multi-talented and generous with her advice and techniques.    She is very prolific and offers small art pieces for great prices so I grabbed one last week.    It is 12x12 and I haven't decided if it will stay here or move with us to the mountains.    This is hand dyed cottons.

The calendar  is telling us it's time to start thinking about heading West.    I'm anxious to get back and catch up with everything and everyone.       The mountains are calling my name...