Saturday, November 23, 2013


Yes, we have no pictures !    Today, it's just my voice.    I've always thought that the blog needs pictures but I enjoy several that never or rarely have a single one.    And I look forward to the blog updates......however, those blogs may be written by persons with interesting lives or witty ways with words or share thought-provoking ideas .....  This blog does not pretend to have any of those talents and often relies on the beauty of the world to fill the voids.      Anyhow, I wanted to send off a note before we wing our way west in a couple of days.  
We're watching the weather as the storm tracks east and threatens to make the ride a bit bumpy.   Here's hoping the NY airports are OK on Thanksgiving when Jon tries to join us.    The forecast looks precipitation free in Denver for the big weekend.    But, I won't bet the house on it staying that way.  

This week, I've had to go shopping..... I just HAD to !    I went searching for a warmer coat.    I have had one forever, I love it and it works great for traveling.    But, when I managed to retrieve it from the back of the closet,  I realized it looked a bit faded and worn in spots.   Darn,  I really like that coat.    So, I went to Dillard's in Ocala.....they don't carry coats !!!!   I persisted and asked about rain coats or light coats and she said , NO....     Today, I wandered down the Turnpike to Orlando and tried the huge Dillards ...... still NO .....  People , it does get cold in Florida....  what happens if the natives or the transplants need to go NORTH??    So, I trotted (yes, I can still do that) over to Nordstroms and of course, they had coats.    And their usual excellent customer service.     And guess what I found....??   An almost identical copy of my favorite one....with a lining and removable hood and it was on SALE.   Because I was so happy and wanted to show my appreciation, I also found a few other things to add to the shopping bag.     

Today was just a beautiful day.    Highs in the 80's, low humidity and puffy clouds.    This is the weather that the tourists come down here for.....unfortunately, next week is supposed to be chilly and rainy.    

Wishing you all a delicious Thanksgiving with those who are special to you.     

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Life in the slow lane........

I am aware that if you have a blog and don't ever contribute to it, you will lose the 3 followers that you have and then you will be writing it just for yourself.    Which is pretty much why I do it anyhow......but then the ego steps in and wishes for a worldwide audience to share in   these ramblings so I start writing again. 
   I'm still enjoying 'just being home'.....absence does make the heart grow fonder.    
Our "old" friends ,( no offense intended  but we did graduate with Mark so no hiding the age thing), stopped by on their way from the North to their home in the tropics of Naples.   It is very comfortable having them around and catching up on our busy retirement lives.    Annette and I look like we are being absorbed by the is overstuffed and very nap worthy.     (We were showing the photo capabilities of the mini iPad so the quality is lacking) 

I remain ever vigilant for the returning geckos on the lanai but so far, there is only a rare sighting.    However, I did see this brave invader peeking out of the drains to see if the way was clear.

We currently have a noisy crew of guys on our roof, putting in solar heating for the pool   Just another treat for Andy and Mason so they have bathtub temperature pool water when they visit in the winter....otherwise , we heat for days and days trying to get it warm enough.    The payback is several years but it seems a shame to let that Florida gold go to waste. 

This is our last full week at home before we head out again....via air this time.    We're looking forward to the family gathering for Thanksgiving and then THE WEDDING.    And the grandmother and grandfather are now properly attired of us was able to get into a  nice suit from many years ago.......while the other required a shopping trip.    And speaking of the inequality of aging .....   Yesterday, on my morning power walk, I came upon a group of neighbors meeting up for friend says (loudly),   "Sue, your hair is GREY !!   When you left you were BLONDE !! "  I thanked him for reminding me and sharing it with the group.  

And healing thoughts go to my much younger sister who managed to break her foot, requiring pins and fusion.    Maureen will be missed at her hospital where she is a highly respected and excellent Certified Nurse Midwife.   But, here's hoping the down time will be a healthy respite from her very busy life.       Now that she has the time, maybe she'd like  to go to Disney World........on crutches !!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Hi AGAIN.....

I have no news.....nothing to share, no photos of fabulous vistas, no adventures, nothing........ and I don't mind a bit.    Life has returned to the hum of everyday routine among the old people of The Villages.      The roads and golf paths are much too busy .....  the Squares are full every nite with the oldsters dancing and shopping and  eating and proving once again that life is a good thing down here in American's Friendliest Hometown.     The growth has been quite phenomenal since we left ...... entire Villages and Rec Centers and Golf courses have sprung up, extending the boundaries of our Community to distant corners of the counties.    The rumors have it that we'll be able to drive to DisneyWorld in our golf carts !!  The census is now well over 100,000.   Housing prices, after being stagnant for a few years, have gone up significantly.... and still they come.   

   The Villages is developing an entirely new health care model.    In conjunction with USF, they are calling it the "Marcus Welby MD" approach. (it has a more official name as well)   They have brought in Primary Care Physicians from around the country, given them a great salary and perks and set up homey  Health Centers ,  golf cart accessible, and the emphasis is on developing a relationship with your Dr who will not be rushed at appts and works on a salary rather than how many patients can be seen in a day.     So far, the initial reaction seems to be positive and I suspect, that private practitioners will be seeing their patient numbers dropping as this gets going.     We're still undecided if we want to join.     We have been somewhat pleased with our Internist but may make some inquiries into the new program. It's very innovative and I heard that this is being closely watched by the health care industry to see how it does.   
In other news in the aging of us has beautiful greying hair, the other, not so much.   But in the interest of saving hours in her busy days, she has decided to go au natural......   It's a shock everytime I look in the mirror and see this older woman, but I love the freedom and don't miss the blond.....much.  
The extermination system worked and the annoying little creatures are mostly gone from the lanai....they will return but in more manageable numbers.    Meanwhile, with that annoyance gone, another soon filled it's place and we had to have the professionals  come in a persuade the ghost ants to go away.   Apparently, its the season for them and the diligent young ladies also found a large nest of them beside the house , close to the fireplace where they were marching in.     I'm waiting for the next specie to invade and only hope it doesn't slither.   

We have a couple of  weeks before we put on our party clothes and celebrate Nicholas and Kelsey's wedding ....another advantage of being old is that we don't have any role except to look nice (despite the grey) act nice (careful with the wine) and be proud of two wonderful kids.    Stay tuned......

And speaking of proud......  The Villages has a huge population of pickleball players....what started out as a few courts has expanded into a highly organized system, designed to encourage everyone to have fun ... to play with others of your level and do it all safely.    P plays at least 6 days a week for  2-3 hours.....because it's a smaller court and is all doubles play, there isn't as much need to run around the courts...and his skill and cunning overcomes any of his issues with agility.    Yesterday, he went to a rating clinic .... based on a scale of 1-5 he came out as a 3.5 which is tremendous.    (4-5 is Championship level).....  And to think they said he might never walk  !!

Meanwhile, the extra inches from all the Mexican food this summer, seems to be hanging around much too long.   I'm pounding the pavement most mornings but now have developed those annoying shin splints so will have to back off a bit....... the golf game is slowly coming back.  

Busy weeks coming up with guests, travel and celebrations.     I wish I had started the blog FIFTY years ago so we could go back and read all about the good stuff , see the people and places we shared our times with, share the funny and touching memories of babies and toddlers and teens and watch us all grow in so many ways.     But NEVER older as we are always YOUNGER EVERY DAY.