Sunday, January 26, 2014

Help needed……..

Now and then, I get a message when I turn on the computer that says I have upgrades waiting.    I say OK and totally ignore it.    Based on previous experience, I know that upgrades just create chaos in "my- set-in-my-ways"  routine.   I like change, but not with my electronic devices.   The iPhone upgrade really ruined my day.    (and now, we will pause while "ANONYMOUS tells me to get a real computer and proper phone ").        But, after nudging from the other person in the room,  I clicked the upgrade button and since then, nothing is the same.    My home page disappeared, I can't add bookmarks, my daily Bing photo is hidden, and on and on……..I can still get where I'm going but it's not seamless and comfortable.         I've displayed some impatience and bad words and reverted to asking for help from the resident geek.    I KNOW that 
"anonymous" could help when he gets here in a few days but I'll try and avoid that encounter.

Meanwhile, a step back in time….. Jeff , circa 1980, in our computer corner….when it must have been simpler altho all I could do was email.   Those black marks on the wall are just debris from the old slide and not a statement of my housekeeping.   ( Jeff was in his Connecticut preppy stage.)

Weather is warming up and thoughts are turning to Super Bowl Sunday… Bronco Man will take his place in a few days …..  luckily, there are not so many people from the NW living here so we might get more support.   Have to think about Game Day food since we will have supporters from Colorado in attendance.  

Last night, as a change of pace, we watched "Enough Said." …..  After Breaking Bad, it seemed quite bland but was cute and I thought James Gandolfino was probably just playing himself.  

For any of your art wanna-bees or accomplished artists,  you might be interested in  my 2nd online course  from Val Webb.   This one is on Drawing Birds.    Her instruction is superb.   Many non-artists take her courses.   She also has  YouTube  videos.   (Search Val Webb and Mindy Lighthipe for excellent art videos).   Val's  start out very basic and you work at your own pace, in your own space and no one needs to ever share in what you are doing unless you post it to the Facebook group.

Correction:    Thanks to Rian who questioned my ability to email in the 80's….. I guess it wasn't available then !!   So now, I'm wondering just what it was that I did on that computer.  

Friday, January 24, 2014

Aging gracefully, or not……..

It's pretty quiet around here.    AND COLD !   Freezing most nights and windy and chilly the rest of the time.    The sun shines but that's deceiving when you venture out.

Sometimes I forget that we live in a retirement community…..First of all, if you'd' asked me even 8 years ago if that was on our radar, I would have been indignant and said "Just  shoot me instead !"     But times and circumstances and perceptions change.    And here we are and it's a pretty nice place to spend part of the year.    We've made active, involved and vibrant friends.    We don't all look or feel our age.    We are usually nice !!

So, where am I going with this. ……?   Today, I saw the other side of the retirement community.     I went to turn in my pictures for the newspapers photo contest.     About 10 others were there, mostly women.    The coordinator explained in detail, to each of us individually, the simple paperwork involved and the instructions for submission.    This was also spelled out in the newspaper each day and I had diligently followed the directions and quickly filled out the remaining paperwork.    As I waited to have her check my folder I witnessed an episode of herding cats old people.    I was truly amazed at how rude and inconsiderate they were.   And how totally unable to follow directions and the rules.   When the lovely woman finally got around to reviewing my folder, I suggested that she be eligible for sainthood.    She just shook her head and said "Just wait until the winners are announced.   I will be getting all sorts of irate and angry calls wanting to know why they didn't win !"    I was appalled.    And, if anyone of you has to deal with miserable old goats, well, I'm sorry but we aren't all like that !!   

I ended up submitting only 3 pictures as only one in each category was allowed and most of mine were plants or animals which came under the single category of Nature.    I feel the frog has the best chance altho I'm not even optimistic about that.    There are 3 large Photography Clubs here and they usually take the majority of the awards.    But, maybe the experience will make me better.     I was #417 and today is the last day to enter.

Had a wonderfully long ( over 3 hours) lunch with my artist friend Mindy.   She leads the Art and Photography tours to Costa Rica that we went on last year…..and now she and Joe have moved to TV. I am thrilled that I will have my very own art instructor near and someone to "talk art" with.    I miss having a  like minded group around.   I've gone to a few of the art clubs but nothing is what I am looking for.

We're getting excited to having Becca arrive in a week or so prior to starting her Disney internship again.    Her dad,( AKA the author of anonymous comments on the blog re: my choice of computers) will be driving with her in her cute VW Bug.      I hope the weather warms for them.

PS:    Just remembered.    We finished Breaking Bad last night.    No spoilers here, Norma, but it was time for it to be over in my opinion.    It's not an easy story line to watch but I totally get why it has won so many awards.    Quite brilliant.     Go get it on Netflix but know that 5+ years of episodes is a lot of TV watching.  

Friday, January 17, 2014

Back in business……..

So, where were we when so rudely interrupted?        

I think I chatted about the weather and memories of walking up hill both ways to school in waist high snow…..Florida isn't that bad but we are having a bout of the chills these days.    As long as the sun shines, it's still good outdoor weather but 70-80 is why we moved here…..
We're meeting up with a couple from Jeff's Royal Oaks Country Club in Vancouver.   Chan saw the logo on Jeff's shirt at the club which says Palmer Legends Country Club, The Villages and asked Jeff about it.    Being an avid golfer, they are  looking the place over and being properly overwhelmed by the size.     He said that while in the sales office, in the past 2 days, 24 homes were sold…..over 300 a month.!!    Prices have gone up of course and I hope their experience will be a good one.     We'll meet over dinner  tonight  to give them our view of living here.   

We're back to playing bad golf .    And it's not going to get any better unless I spend hours working on it….. the knee hurts but I've decided that I'm not doing any damage and I'll just take drugs.   If Lindsey Vonn can ski on major knee damage, I can tough it up as well.    And I have MY Tiger at home to cheer me up ! (Mine  doesn't have a private jet even tho he could fly one ! )

I've decided to enter The Villages Photography contest.    I have a couple of pictures that I think are pretty good and each year I say I'm going to do this but never do.    I"m not holding my breath or anything but just curious how I'll stack up against the others.     Stay tuned.       Speaking of cameras….I'm sending my Tamron lens  in for cleaning.    It spent a bit of time in those dusty windy sandy Moab days and I can feel the grit on it.    I do have a 60 mm to use in the meantime.

While we were in ABQ for the Balloon Fiesta, the newspapers and TV news were all about an obit in the paper for Walter White, the lead character in Breaking Bad. (It takes place in Albuquerque)    People that hadn't finished the series were quite upset about this "spoiler'.      P started watching it on Netflix…..I wasn't so interested but being within earshot of the TV , I gradually got drawn into the violent, convoluted and absurdity of the plot….and it was  even funny at times.      There are 63 episodes of 47 min each so when you have nothing else to do, sit yourself down and get immersed.    Even the President admits to it being a favorite.    We only watch one episode a night due to the violence and retribution that never seems to end.   

The house is making progress.    We've been in communication with the neighbors and they said the weather is in the 40's and the snow is melting .   Altho there are some low hills and an occasional mountain in that western view, the best sighting of the San Juans  is to the left (south) and we will enjoy it from the patio.     Assuming that shadow is the outhouse but we will have indoor plumbing.

AND, if you are a devotee of this blog…it is currently a requirement that you vocally and physically (i.e.: yelling and jumping about ) support  the Broncos  on Sunday.      The Bronco blow-up guy
will be prominently displayed out front (as he is on all game days) and the Tee shirts will be worn and Coors Light ( made from pure Rocky Mountain water ) will be imbibed.      No excuses !!     

Friday, January 10, 2014


Somehow, Blogger has gone a bit blog deleted and a notice from last July saying I am taking a hiatus.    Ignore all of it and I'll try and get it back on track.    

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A new year....

A new you ??   Well, that ain't happening around here anytime soon....same old me, same old him and we are really good with that.      I've read a few blogs where the author is breathing a sigh of relief that 2013 is behind them as it was a crummy year.....  not so much at this house.    It was a very good year and each one we pass thru is a blessing.    We look forward to new and exciting happenings.    Change is good, if the change is good and for us, as we explore this time of aging, we look forward to good changes once again.  

The year started as it has for 71 years with a birthday happening on January 1st.    I have trouble remembering birthdays and have to resort to a cheat sheet. But friends  far and wide remember his and the phone rang and the emails were many.   The weather was gloomy and rainy but the Birthday Fairy made her way to the house and dropped off some mighty fine gifts.

The GoPro won't go on the helmet to record a ski run or a surfing event but might just capture the thrill of jeeping in the Colorado mountains.     Or maybe he'll take up diving and find the colorful fishes.  

 Also, a Dell Venue tablet arrived....since he's a Windows fan, this will coordinate nicely with his computer and he can playback the GoPro videos.

Now and then, I'll post a few pics taken by the professionals at the wedding.    This was right before Jon escorted us down the aisle.    

 Today is more fog this morning and heavy rain later but we are welcoming a couple from Colorado who are wandering the south in their motorhome.    Paul met her playing Pickleball in Parker, Co and we will show them  the uniqueness of The Villages and hopefully, the rain will hold off until after a game or two.