Friday, February 26, 2010


Recently, I've been giving myself brain strain by learning how to play Mah-jongg. It is very popular down here and I have resisted getting involved.....for no good reason except I am busy enough with other retirement activities. And because it doesn't seem to be a couple thing, at least in our neighborhood. Originally conceived in China and played by men, it then became very popular with Jewish women.....and not being either Chinese, a man or Jewish (at least in this life) , it wasn't on my bucket list.
But, one of our neighbors offered to teach a group and I was encouraged to join in. Well, it is really fun and challenging and filled with tradition and etiquette. It reminds me of various card games and rummikube, only very different... if that makes sense. A neighborhood group meets on Thursday night at one of the nearby Rec centers and I'll join in once I think I won't embarrass myself.

Paul's been busy this month doing his instructional work in the simulators in Miami. If he had hoped to find warmer weather down there, he wasn't very successful. The days and nights continue cool and we have been near freezing a couple of times in the past week. It is just so unusual. I feel bad for people who have spent good money on a Florida vacation with hopes of getting sunburned.

Jenna has had her hands full these past couple of weeks. As Mike travels around the world and the country, she has turned into an orthopedic nurse/mother.

Yes, that is a picture of Lizzie and Alex, each wearing a full length cast on their fractured arms. Alex , as mentioned previously, from lacrosse, and Lizzie from a wet floor at school. Alex broke the other arm last summer in the same sport and I remember when he was about 6 or so, he wore casts on his arms at least twice, once from falling off the bunk bed and the other from the trampoline. We thought he'd outgrown all that.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tell me it isn't so......

Pure fun. Andy and Mason took to the tepid pool water with enthusiasm. Last year, Mason wouldn't go in the water but look at him now..... very independent. (sorry that these pictures aren't 'clickable' to make them larger)

In the past few weeks, 2 out of the 3 sons have come back to the homestead. It has been great having them and their offspring here. They both enjoy our choice of retirement living and our lifestyle and visit fairly often. But, something different happened this time. They left clothes here !!! Like in drawers and closets. And even newly purchased golf clubs. And one of them even left a CAR !! Does this mean what I'm beginning to think it means............................are they all moving back HOME !!??

A couple of weeks ago, out of pure frustration, I went to the Custom Golf Ctr here and tried out some drivers. For those of you non-golfers, the Driver is the one that supposedly gets you the most distance off the tee. However, in payment for that distance, it has a very long shaft and is therefore more hard to control and sometimes it just has a mind of its own. My driver has always been my nemesis and altho I would prefer to never use it, that rather defeats the purpose of playing golf well. I didn't expect much when I went to demo the clubs but .........I found one that actually works. I pondered on it for a day and then went back and bought it. (The driver is also the most expensive club) I was able to buy the demo club at a substantial savings so I was happy. But, like a new pair of shoes that look so good in the store, they may give you blisters in the real world. I am happy, no ecstatic, to report that this driver has changed my LIFE. I am out playing with the big girls (figuritively, not literally) on the championship courses.....that's 18 holes of long distances. Yesterday, I had not one, but TWO birdies on the back 9. I tell you, it's nothing short of a miracle.
Life is good.

Monday, February 15, 2010

It's hard to write with mittens

Just a quickie to let you know that we have not FROZEN to death in Florida. It has been below freezing many days in the morning and barely to 50 with stiff winds in the heat (?) of the day. Golf is barely tolerable in these conditions.....more on that in another post.
Jeff came to visit for a week to get out of the rain in Washington and endured the cold here but played good golf regardless. Then Mary Beth and Jon tried to get down for a wedding and because of the NE snow storm and resulting airport mess, they ended up driving. Long hours but DVD's kept the little ones occupied. MB had to go back to Ct to work but Jon and boys are here for a few more days.
The pool and hot tub are done but it has been too cold to heat the pool due to some technicality like the heat pump doesn't work below 45 degrees. But all have really had fun in the 100 degree hot tub.....including the old people. But today, it is to be in the mid to HIGH SIXTIES and the pool is heating.....can't you just see those dollar bills flying around the back yard......!! Pictures at 11 if Andy and Mason finally get to jump in.
And , because there are no pictures on the world famous blog today, I want you to navigate to this link and enjoy. Lizzie, on the right and Meredith, a friend ,on the left (a nationally ranked twirler) and Alex, a dynamic 15 yr old with a love of lacrosse, a great sense of humor and a newly broken arm (from lacrosse), performed an impromptu number at a Twirling event in Denver. They won 1st for Creativity. Well deserved.