Monday, February 28, 2011

The good , the bad and the really ugly...

In my mind, I am a slim, younger person. In my mirror, I am neither of those. But this is supposed to be about the GOOD.......not the BAD or the UGLY. For whatever reason and mindset, I gave up eating healthy awhile back. I ate what and whenever I wanted, in denial that my body would eventually mimic the fattening foods I devoured. But , it soon did and I just quit looking in mirrors or at photos. And then one day about a month ago, I decided to do something smart for a change and put my head on the right way. Today, I had my annual physical and the Dr said I looked very healthy and she was very pleased with my labs. In just that short time, I dropped 33 points on my total Cholesterol levels. I have lost weight (still have many more to shed) and feel soooo much better. I'm doing Weight Watchers because that works for me and obviously agrees with my health as well. And, surprisingly, I am not deprived nor missing out on anything. The body is amazing and I am thrilled that it is giving me another chance to treat it kindly.

There is nothing I would consider BAD around here except for that gecko that found its way into the lanai and gazes fondly thru the open doors into the house. With family arriving in two days, I hope he finds a way out.

The REALLY UGLY...................was my golf game yesterday. We played 9 holes on one of the more difficult Palmer courses.
All I can say is that it was a beautiful day filled with basking alligators, sand hill cranes and a diving osprey. And thankfully, lots of wine to forget my score.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The R & R is over........

I thought I 'd disappear for a longer time but I missed you all......not that you ever comment or anything, but I know you're there. Lurking is fine with me, I do it all the time on the other blogs I read.
We took advantage of some free time (yes, the retired do have a busy life also) and we saddled up the RV and headed NW. We ended up at St George Island State Park. It is where Florida bends toward the panhandle about 80 miles south of Tallahassee.
It is just beginning to warm up and still very quiet among the dunes. They call it the "Forgotten Florida" or the "Real Florida". We liked it alot.
There were few people on the beaches which have the lovely powdery sand, cute sandpipers and all the shells you could pick up.
We ate out one night at the Blue Parrot, a seafood spot on the beach. I recommend the grilled fresh grouper. And the wine.
Trying to capture a picture of this tiny crab as it scurried about was a challenge. To gauge the size, that white piece at the bottom of the picture is part of a sand dollar.

As we lumbered home on Thurs, we realized the space shuttle was about to launch. So we grabbed the iPad (remind me sometime to tell you how much I like that thing), and found NASA TV with a LIVE was amazing to be able to do that!!! If there hadn't been a heavy cloud cover, I'm sure we would have seen the trail in the sky also. The marvels of technology.!I need to post this on my forehead and remind myself of this everyday........ let's all hurry up and get going..................!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's time for a ..........

.....vacation, sabbatical, time-out, coffee break, recess, nap time, spring break...............Get the idea that I'm going away for awhile?? Life is good, our days are busy and if we take that world cruise or go sky diving, we'll be sure and take you along. Be good, have fun and grow old later.............just like we plan to do.