Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sounds of silence

Do you hear that ???? Me is QUIET !!

The company is gone. The house is still. The old people have nodded off.

But it was fun while it lasted. And how many times did we say how absolutely perfect the weather was. I couldn't have ordered it any better.
But, in the past 5 days or so the weather has returned to August. It is humid, hot and foggy for the morning walk. But it's OK, the weather gods came thru when needed.

And now the winter old people are returning. It's harder to get a tee time, a chair in a restaurant and a parking space. But my lanai isn't crowded, (as long as I continue my patrol to eliminate the reptiles) and that is where you will find us. I'm hoping that more of you will join us to hit a few, tip a few and catch up.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Our acorns.............

We spent the day at Kennedy Space Center. After all, when the grandkids arrive on their fall break, we can't have it be all sun and fun. Education must continue. We haven't been to the Space Center for decades.....and now that it is so close and the last shuttle flights are scheduled, we wanted to go over and get amazed once again by what great minds and brave astronauts can accomplish.
The shuttle is scheduled to lift off on Nov 1st. This is as close as the public can get.
Lizzie and Alex came from the mile high altitude but managed just fine at 29 feet.
It was a long day but we saw and did it all. These two are just the best, athletic and just plain cute and know, from mighty oaks the acorns fall......or something like that.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tres Amigas

BFF since 1961................Carol, Shelly and moi !!! But except for a brief 4 hour visit last winter, we had not seen each other since 1964. We tried to make up for lost time.

It was perfect. First of all, Florida put on a brilliant display with glorious weather, blue skies, tropical breezes and temperatures designed for ideal golf. We spent one day at Epcot and 5 days of golf.
In between, we went to Homosassa State Park where the wildlife are exquisite
and the manatees float freely about.
It was a great week.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The guests are arriving. Of late, we have noticed an increase in the number
of the 4 legged variety. The front of the house seems to be a popular place for these tiny frogs....brilliant green, possibly a type of tree frog I think. They surprise me when I water plants and the pop out with their mighty leaps even tho they are all but an inch or so big. Maybe they are good for keeping bugs at bay but I wish they'd call out before they leap.
And in the lanai, we have found a gaggle of geckos taking up residence. We have sealed all visible entries and urged them to go outside. But they are happy and protected from the cranes and ibis and hawks. One was doing a back stroke in the pool yesterday. They also like to scurry among the plants and give me a moment of pause. But my main concern is that they might not be happy with the expansive lanai and plenty of bugs and decide that the soft beds and cool tile might be more to their taste now that the doors are open. Sooooo, as much as I find it distasteful and just plain mean, I have taken to removing them permanently. This is carried out with sticky paper and vicious swats with a pool noodle.
It's similar to the time in Ct when we had an invasion of lady bugs. At first, I would scoop them up and move them outside. As they proliferated, I vacuumed them and then moved them outside. As they proliferated , I said to heck with this nonsense and got the exterminator to deal with them and I cleaned up the carcasses.
Cute only gets you so far.
And yes, the real guests are arriving. The next two weeks will bring all sorts of excitement. Two school friends arrive today, then two of my very favorite grandkids arrive, then friends from Pa. and then..............maybe you'll show up. !!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


As much as the world hoped and prayed and searched, the balloonists were not found. Not even a scrap of debris or hope was found. It is fitting that the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is this week where they will be remembered by all that knew and respected and loved them.

Back on earth, life goes on at a breath taking pace. I remember reading somewhere about how to capture time. If you spend your days in a routine of sameness and predictability, time flies by in a blur. One day becomes another and another and nothing defines the time......but , if you punctuate those days with bits of uniqueness and change , you define a moment and later, you can look back and remember special days or places or people and it breaks up the sameness. Sooooo, based on that theory, I am going to make my days I'm going to get a hole-in-one and tomorrow, I will plan a trip to some exotic locale........

And, for all of you without a blog of your own, a blog is a great journal of daily life. I thoroughly enjoy rereading past years and bringing back fond memories. You don't have to publish the blog, it can just be your personal memoir and keeper of your life. Go to and set one up.....its free and easy..........if I can do it, so can you.

Friday, October 1, 2010


The news of late is troubling and it is not known how long the search teams will continue. At this point they continue their search and hope hangs on.
Raggedy Ann is Carol's hot air balloon. Hopefully, it will fly again soon. She and her family and the balloon have given Mike and Jenna and Lizzie, Alex , Becca and Nicholas a gift of joy and friendship and adventure.