Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm still here.....

Discipline and organization have never been my strongest suite....I'm more the beauty than the brains ( I wish). Blogging requires more discipline than beauty and therefore I am sadly lacking in the requirements to keep this slog of a blog going. Anyway, I will keep posting because it is the only way I can remember what I did last month, or last year and who I did it with. And if you wish to keep checking in, be warned that this might just be more for my benefit than for my adoring public.

We attended the 3rd running of the Inner Circle Golf Cart Rally this week. An event characterized by teams of 4 following a difficult set of clues to find answers to questions based on locales within a several mile radius of our neighborhood. It is a raucous group of old people, mildly fueled by some libation, careening about in golf carts, determined to be the first back to base with the best time and most correct answers. Altho we had the 2nd best time, apparently we made some mistakes and came in 5TH....ohh the shame. A team of 4 red shirted women came in first and a formal protest has been filed by another team. Here are their complaints........speeding and reckless driving, using cell phone while driving and to obtain help with clues (we used ours to google who was on the $2 bill), use of other illegal items (phone book), drinking while riding in the cart (we were all guilty of that), using a certain hand gestures to intimidate other teams, ......The Red Shirts countered by filing a sexual harrassment suit......and so it continues....all in good fun.
Meanwhile, back at the site of major construction....we are a week over the contracted finish date and as you can see by the picture, we have a problem. They have had to dig up part of the hot tub to find a leak.
Finally, after much delay, it was found and hopefully, all will finally be finished in a few days.
Mike has been doing a serious amount of traveling but managed to find some respite in this comfort zone in North Carolina. Note the sign in the window. Doesn't that just make you wish there was a franchise in your home town.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Here's a view from the north end of the project to the south where the hot tub is. Note the expansive birdcage over all of this. It was quite labor intensive and involved some serious balancing acts. The original house(lanai) ended at the pillars on the right.
We don't really call this a swimming pool, it is more a standing pool, except for a small child, no one could do a lap. It is 3.5 to 5.5 ft deep. One of the laborers, cleaning the tiles, fell in Monday and the birdcage guys dropped a drill in. Air temp was only 50ish and the pool has yet to be heated so it was a chilly dip. There is more to be done but it is finishing work and then we can furnish the area and decorate with plants. As with other major calamities, I can barely take my eyes and ears off of the TV. It is almost incomprehensible and when I think of the trauma and heartbreak of an already destitute people, I wonder how they can recover.
One of the blogs that I follow is The Yarn Harlot. She is a very popular author with a large following of knitters. She has always supported Doctors without Borders but last week she put out a call to knitters to make donations and she would tally them. She is still counting but expects the total to be around $500,000. When I checked some of the comments, many are small donations of $10 or so....quite amazing is the power of the electronic world. Jan referred us to a blog written by two young missionairies in Haiti, she a Dr and he a teacher and their young son that they are in the process of adopting, . It is a compelling read.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Sometimes, our life is just not that exciting...................can you believe that ???

During the cold spell, which lasted forever and made me want to call Al Gore and ask him where the warm weather was, we were unusually housebound in the 30 degree chill. Despite this, one of us took advantage of the behemoth parked in the front yard to replace some sparkplugs. I just think this is a funny picture.

And speaking of pictures, a while back, unknown to us, Jon patiently went thru boxes of slides and put them on CD's for us. Remember those days of slides, when we would gather in front of a blank wall and enjoy the show. They were big and vivid but otherwise quite inaccessible the rest of the time. And no dates on them.....
Anyway, some of them are now on my new computer and I have been enjoying the nostalgia. I should organized them into some semblance of time and space but that's for another day. Here are two of my favorites..........
Jeff, about 3 years of age, with that delightful smile and blonde hair. (Proving once again that I really am a natural blonde ....not. ) He was a bit mischievious but so darn cute.....and I doubt he has changed that much.
And here is my all time favorite picture. This was in Thailand during the Vietnam war and he sent this picture back to me.......about 25 years old, a Navy pilot and father of two. Brings back many memories......

Friday, January 8, 2010

I want my money back......

This is a mini look at the forecast for Saturday. Yes, it's called sleet, freezing rain or even SNOW. But I think the stars have to align just right for it to happen.
The expensive landscapes are being wiped out despite efforts to cover and heat with lights and fans.

But yesterday was in the 50's and the old people came out of their houses for the first time in days, the golf courses were busy, the squares were crowded and smiles were abundant. Today will be nice again and we are both on the golf course with our respective groups.

Rearranged the living area the other day. For me, it was just an annual female thing but for the other inhabitant of this place, it was more like work with having to dismantle the various components and the TV and then trying to put the puzzle back together. But I like it much better and there is more room to use the Wii and also gives us back our views of the golf course and the new lanai. And next year, I'll do it again.

I had some pictures to post but iPhoto sometimes loses what I download. I eventually find it but don't have time this morning to fiddle around with it. The Mac is starting to become second nature in many ways but I have SOOO much to learn.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Colder and colder

This is what we all congregated around in Ct to heat up various body parts. This brings back many memories of when we heated our Ct house totally with wood and with a kerosene heater that looked just like this one. Jon found this at the dump and fixed it up and even the cats like it. And then we braved lousy roads, blowing snow and very cold weather to get to the airport on Sunday and fly back to the land of the warm................NOT.
It is frigid down here and we just aren't used to that anymore. This is our neighbors house, all wrapped up to protect the more tropical plants. The colorful wrap is a parachute that protects a beautiful Robellini palm that is very susceptible to the cold.
We have only chosen to cover our manzanilla vines by the front door and we did bring in the potted crotons. The rest of the landscaping is pretty hardy.

But, we did have to bring the RV to the house to plug it in to heat it. It is not winterized and with temps to go to 22 tonight , we didn't want to chance frozen lines. The cold is not to let up until Sunday. I sure hope you hadn't planned a trip to Florida this week.

Being optomistic, we are getting ready for the warmer weather. This is a view of the new expanded lanai and the pool. I am standing next to the hot tub to take the picture. Next week, the large screen (called a birdcage) will be put up over the entire area and then they will put the final finish on the pool and it will be done. We will burn dollar bills to heat it to a tolerable temperature to try it once and then it will stay cold until some little people visit.
(Note more covered plants at the neighbors) . The pool looks really small in this picture and altho it's not huge , it is a decent size about 24x10-12 ft. And 3.5 to 5.5 ft deep.
The Christmas decor has been put away, new projects are planned and the new year is off to a good start. Now, if it will just get warm.