Tuesday, April 29, 2014

EPCOT and sponges

Connecticut left and then Colorado arrived….how lucky are we !!    4/7 th of our grandkids in two weeks.        Becca gets passes to the Disney world so we took advantage and had a great day at Epcot.   Weather was pleasant altho the sun was intense.  

The Flower Show is in it's final days …..   I've seen it before and noted that there was a lack of color this year….  most of the characters were green and brown.   Still worthy of a walk about to see them and probably a lot easier to maintain.

I waited at this colorful Kodak point hoping the monorail would pass thru but no luck….. still pretty.   Those are impatients in the water.

 About the only color we saw.

 Peter Pan and Captain Hook and Lizzie and Becca…..the Captain was NOT a flower frocked statue…he moved.    The characters are only in place for about 15 min due to the heat and heaviness of the costumes….and they always have a handler with them to control the little fans.  

 We walked and walked, had lunch in Italy and decided not to wait in line for 75 minutes to enjoy "Soaring".    It's a great experience but not worthy of that long line.

Later in the week we wandered over to the Gulf Coast and stopped in Tarpon Springs.   This is home to over a hundred years of sponge harvesting.    They offer boat rides out to watch the divers go down and retrieve the sponges.    Started by the Greeks, the community is still a colorful testament to their culture.    The pelicans were hoping for a handout.   This was Rufus and he's known to accept handouts.

 Bins of sponges of all types were available along the main street.    I resisted.   The one store said they are antibacterial and won't mold or mildew.

The house is now quiet and we're gearing up for our trip west.    There is a lot to do.    The MH will become a moving van altho we aren't taking any furniture or large items.  

The builder sent us new pictures yesterday.    The stonework is looking good.

And the granite is in……it's pretty basic granite but is the opposite of the lighter color we have in the Florida house so I went for the change.   I was watching HGTV last night and a guy was looking at a kitchen and said that granite was "dated"…..oh dear… the last thing I want my house to be is dated….that's what I am !!    

See you on the road…………..and happy to be leaving record breaking high temps ( 93 today ), humidity and the approaching  love bugs……..

Saturday, April 19, 2014

One way to be younger every day…...

….spend it with younger people !!   Or maybe not….. but it was a good time with Andy and Mason this week.    The parents went back to work and we continued playing.
Mostly, this was my view of them ……...

Later in the week, we went to Legoland.     We got cheap (relatively speaking) tickets  in advance and I felt bad about parents who paid serious money to take little ones here because for the most part, it is NOT Disney.    It is a new park but seems old and kind of dingy.    The rides are aimed at the young and Andy wasn't too impressed altho Mason enjoyed driving.    He was very good and obeyed all the traffic signs but other kids just drove with abandon and there were many collisions.   Luckily they don't go fast.   
The best part were all of the Lego built displays.    The Star Wars was excellent….
As were the various cities and landmarks….

Too bad we bought our Ford from the dealer, we could have had the boys build us one…..they have enough Legos….And now they have even more after we visited the large store on the way out.    

On Friday, Jon had a trip to Tampa so we dropped the boys off so they could ride home with their dad.    

 And now the house is much too quiet and the old people are back to their recliners.  

Meanwhile, out in the West…..the floors are in !!  

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring break…….

Boys are spending their spring break in Tulum Mexico.  Near Cancun.    We took our kids there many, many years ago….thee was nothing there except ruins and thatched huts that sold trinkets and Coke.    Jon was about 7 I think so that makes it about 35 years ago.    The beaches at Tulum are stunning as is the park at Xel Ha.     The boys snorkeled with large fish, like barracudas and sting rays….I was reluctant about the whole thing and kept vigilance on the rocks above .   I'm assuming it's all built up now with hotels and such.      Yesterday Andy and Mason went to the Park. 


 Maybe we'll have to go back again……This time they can pay their own way.!!

The house moves along and I am getting stressed about all the decisions that will be required…..Like furniture and dishes and everything …..

As we were driving back from SC, somewhere in the state, I saw a billboard ….. I didn't get a picture but it roughly said………" Sign in online for the ER (at some hospital) and do your waiting at home."   Now, I always thought the emergency room was for EMERGENCIES…..seems to me if you were having a stroke or heart attack, you really should not wait at home.  

Enjoying The Masters and convinced if I watch every minute it will improve my golf game….by osmosis.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Catching up……...

 It's good to be home………….or didn't I tell you we were gone?     It wasn't a very exciting trip but the moving house needed it's annual checkup and P prefers to go to the source.    So, we drove 500+ miles up and back (divided into 2 reasonable days each way) and visited the Freightliner factory in Gaffney SC.   Everything went well and despite the torrential rains the entire time there, we had a good outing.    Spring is popping out up there and everything was in bloom, including the climbing wisteria which was common along highways.   It seems very invasive as it's vines climb the trees.    We saw one tree that was completely covered.    It has such beautiful flower.    Other trees were blooming and I was especially nostalgic for the dogwood that we had in Ct.   ( I really intended to take pics but didn't want to get wet. )

While we were there, the builder sent us some photos of the progress.    This is the master bath

 and obviously this is the kitchen with cabinetry being put in.  It will look much better with the doors and drawers, granite and flooring.    Tile was to start on Monday.   It's getting exciting.   Except, I now have to quit procrastinating and start ordering the lighting fixtures.   If I was out there, I think it would be easier.    I'm saving the mini pendants for later as well as the dining light.   But I've almost decided on bathrooms and ceiling fans (4).  

I'm a gadget person….I admit it.       I have had a FitBit One for awhile.    It clips very securely onto clothes and counts  all of your steps.   I sync it with Loseit.com and it gives me all sorts of non-vital info.    If you spend more money, you can sync it to Runkeeper and also a BP monitor and also a glucose monitor, if you have those concerns.    It's kind of fun and keeps me motivated.   Altho, this week, between the serious rains and  days of driving, my stats were pretty ugly.  
We came home to beautiful weather……only in the 70's with bright sun.   But in a day or two it will become more heated.    Guests will be arriving soon from the North so no one will complain about the heat.   Especially 2 boys who love to swim.