Monday, December 14, 2015

Remember me ??

I'm the one who had a blog......actually, it wasn't a very reliable blog.    And it won't keep my loyal followers  following loyally unless I actually write the blog.   A blog needs dynamic content and thoughtful prose and blog worthy photos.      Mine lacks all of that but it does provide us with a memory jog when we can't remember what we did and when we did it and where we did it.    But, we welcome any and all who have a bit of a voyouristic tendency and want to look in on the daily  monthly activities of the elderly.      

So, lets talk about food.     Tis the season after all.   


 We opted to enjoy our own Thanksgiving dinner, homemade to our specifications.     I finally found the best gravy recipe.   No animals were harmed but we did damage to a lot of mushrooms and onions.    It tastes EXACTLY like the real thing but has NO OIL as well.  

 We added it to the usual fare.....baked potatoes instead of mashed and altho the beans look pretty naked,  by the time you mix it all up, we didn't miss the turkey and fat and sugar at all.......

 Yes, I'm rather smug and righteous about the whole effort...........   We eat really well in our own way and don't feel deprived.  Panera has great fresh items that we enjoy and now one of our favorite Club restaurants has two delicious veggie options......  If you invite us to dinner, we'll eat anything you make....well, not the slab of ribs or the rare bleeding meat but otherwise, we'll play nice and be good guests.

The holidays are in full swing and I am right on schedule.....that is, I'm about 2 weeks behind.     I have a lovely wreath on the front door.    We bought a 6 foot lighted snowman for the yard but it's still in the box and I suspect that it will be returned.        Our neighborhood (about 100 homes) has monthly gatherings.      Bob Evan's restaurant catered a Christmas dinner at a nearby Rec center.     I offered my elves as decor since mostly they just sit in their boxes.       I have 10 of them and collected them over the years, mostly highly marked down after Christmas.    They are "The Elves Themselves" made by Zims out of Salt Lake City.   I don't know if they are still made.  

Unfortunately, Eunice, my favorite elf,  isn't able to help me with this project.  

We are getting out in the sun and trying to resurrect our golf games.    This one, Pelican, is a beautiful course but very challenging with the large oaks, water, natural swampy areas and Spanish moss that grabs your perfect tee shot and sends it to a hidden place.

Yes, I play from the forward tees and proud of it !!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas with those you love !!