Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cleaning up my life……..

Well, my life is pretty clean but my drawers and closets need a good purging…….I'm not particularly sentimental so most of the time I can get rid of "stuff" that we all like to hoard keep.   But I hang on to art supplies and I love my books.    But now, it's time to face reality and know that I AM RUNNING OUT OF TIME…..I will never use all of this and probably won't even look at it ever again.     I still plan on living to be  (more) old and (more) feeble but I do like my pens and pencils and papers much more than the others……so the paints and books  must go.    I might have a source who will take some of it and if I don't, I'll offer it up to the various clubs or schools.   

Now I only buy books that don't work on the Kindle so my habit is more under control.    I know that Barnes and Noble can't exist unless I contribute to it's bottom line…..but I love sitting there with a favorite magazines, a Starbucks and my best friend.    I rarely buy anything …. I hope they come up with a solution to stay in business.    Maybe they could branch out into shoes, or hats, or  pet supplies…….or….combine with Nordstroms !!

Because I know you are just waiting for the big announcement…..there is none.   I did not place in the Photo contest …..  I wasn't disappointed nor surprised once I saw those that won.    This year the photos were outstanding.   Usually, they are quite mediocre and ordinary.   But this time there was great creativity and technique and diversity.   I was impressed…… but I still like my frog.    
 The house is moving along faster than we had thought.    We need to drop by soon and make any changes before the dry wall goes in.    Electric and plumbing will be in shortly and we may need to change outlets.
The back has a large overhang over the great room to help with the western sun.   To the left is the Master bedroom, to the right is the guest room.    This view is looking from the golf course.
I am NOT looking forward to furnishing an entire house.    We did it once before, also in Colorado in the early 90's…..I took my time then but we are having a family gathering in July so I want it well equipped to handle our crowd.

We are back on the golf courses.    We are slowly improving after almost 9 months of inactivity.    I saw the good Dr once again re: the knee and find that I have some sort of patellar syndrome vs: the MCL issue.     Good news is I can do anything I want and won't hurt it.    I've been wearing a brace which feels good when I'm swinging but it sure doesn't do much for an even tan.   Meanwhile, Mr Pickleball has made himself quite popular by attaching the GoPro to the fencing and capturing his League play.   He's sending the videos to various players so they can critique their games.    They are loving it but also take notice of their physique and one guy thought he looked pregnant.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Don't believe everything you read…………..

Our daily paper got a bit overzealous today with this headline.    
 Yes, it's true that a gazillion old people have discovered this place and it is growing exponentially every day.  ( The article interviewed people who have moved here and why )  However, if that headline were really true I could be assured of :     being slim and trim, being blonde once again, never shooting bogey on the golf course, and getting "Younger Every Day".
But, I can't complain one bit and most days the sun is shining, the sunsets are pretty and life is very good indeed.     Not to get political but this paper also thought  Sarah Palin was the best thing ever and welcomed her several times to our community.    There was a time, in the earlier days, when they didn't publish obits because, obviously, no one ever died here.   Actually, I don't think they do and that's the reason for the crowds everywhere.

So enough about the biased paper…… is running smoothly along despite a  grouchy knee and lousy golf game.

Here's the Jeff picture of the week.      I dressed him in Bronco orange even then !!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Pictures that speak to me……..

 Its a house !!    Not a great picture but this is the back of the house.    Electrical and plumbing to begin soon.   I feel bad for the workers who are dealing with very cold and snowy conditions.    I'd give them hot chocolate if I was there.     We received an invite to  a "Welcome Newcomers" party at the end of the month.   Don't think we'll make it.  

 (Note the MOUNTAINS over the roof line ! )    "The mountains are calling and I must go"  (John Muir said it first but I know how he felt.)

   We're in touch with neighbors and friends that we've met there and already feel part of the community.

Sometimes, well maybe most of the time, I am in denial about how #2 son spends his days .   I know that he is an accomplished police officer in Vancouver, Washington.   I know that it is not a large city with large violent gang populations.   I know that domestic issues are some of the  most dangerous situations that they face due to their unpredictability.    I know he would be bored helping old ladies cross the street……but……when his picture makes the LA Times, I take notice.

He was leaving the site of a murder -suicide at a workplace.    I'm not sure what he is thinking at this moment but I hope he can shake it off and think about his golf game.    I am very proud that he has chosen this profession, despite all of its difficulties and dealing with all of the negative aspects of our society.   But, when someone called me from a police recruitment dept and asked how I felt about him becoming a police officer, I said that I'd rather he sold shoes.         Fortunately, he goes home to his wonderful wife and Guiness and Kitty.      Be safe out there Jeff.


Monday, February 3, 2014


Sometimes a short term memory loss is a good thing………but the party was great and friends supportive.   And the fat lady sang in the first 12 seconds…………….