Monday, April 19, 2010

Disney does it right again......

Since we couldn't fly to Europe this week, we made the not so long trip to Disney yesterday to meet the Connecticut family. They are staying at the Wilderness Lodge. It was impressive. Here's the group waiting for our delicious dinner in the lovely Artist's Pointe restaurant at the Lodge. I have pictures of the food but Blogger is acting up so decided to get posted what I could. Jon had the buffalo steak and the rest of us were pretty traditional. We ordered the asparagus appetizers. I didn't get a picture. They were huge. I always thought the best were the smaller, younger versions. These looked like cigars but were just perfect in every way.

Obviously, it is designed to give you the experience of an old National Park lodge. They succeeded beautifully.

It was a very rainy afternoon but warm so the boys headed to the pool and I didn't get a picture. (Very wet out)

Mary Beth pointed out the area rugs that remind you where you really are.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

April in Florida

It was a great party. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures but my neighbor did.....but it's not clickable so all you can see is that we had some great looking friends and they are really tiny.....and yes, they all had husbands but they weren't as well dressed. The event was to thank everyone for putting up with the trucks and the noise and the dust during the 4 month construction of the pool , spa and lanai. We have great neighbors. No one has noisy annoying kids, no barking dogs, no junky cars in the driveway or in the backyard and no late night rowdy gatherings.....except for this one and they were all invited. I found that 20 people about fills up the new space but wasn't crowded. We need to do it more often.

Jeff decided that the weather in Florida is better than Washington so he came south for a week. He arrived just in time to be the handsome bartender.

We went to Costco to shop for the party. Aside from food, I found these gorgeous orchids. Only $19 and huge. I am on an orchid kick lately and despite my long standing green thumb, I have read up on these unique plants and they sound like easy care. I have 2 smaller ones and have stayed with the easier varieties. I'm also trying a bird of paradise on the lanai. Pictures if I ever get a bloom.
The weather has finally turned into a Florida postcard and commercial . Low 80's, NO HUMIDITY, light breezes. It is perfect. I am using the pool most days and finding it a great cool down after a long brisk walk. And also after a bad round of golf with a cold drink.

I'm enjoying listening to "The Help" on my iPhone via iTunes. I started the book but heard it was much better in audio due to the southern accents and ethnic dialects. It is a good listen. Also, I downloaded the Kindle app on to the phone and read a book on it. Once I got used to the small screen, I didn't even notice how I was reading it. And I could just pick it up anywhere , anytime. Last year we ordered a Kindle for my birthday but sent it back. I would like to consider one again, when they get a bit more advanced. Maybe the iPad will be what I'm looking for but I will wait until the next generation I think and when it has 3G on it instead of just WiFi.

I've developed some allergies to the extremely high pollens and despite Clariten , I'm pretty uncomfortable. It hasn't stopped me from playing golf or getting out and about. But laying low and watching the Masters will be my activity of choice this weekend.