Saturday, April 16, 2016

Quick travel catch up...........

You'd think that blogging and sharing our exciting life with the world wide web would be a priority, especially when we are wandering about the country.   But at this age, just staying upright and mobile seems to be a higher goal.   But for all of you hanging on my every word, here's the latest.....

 After New Orleans, we enjoyed a few hours on the River Walk in San Antonio.    Our KOA campground was very very nice and as an added plus, was on the bus route directly into downtown.   We got to see a bit of local color on the route and decided it was probably best not to do this after sunset.  

We had stops planned for the next leg of our trip but our impatience to just get across Texas/NM, made us put pedal to the medal and drive over 575 mi one day.   The speed limit for others was 80 on the wide open roads and we rumbled along at 65 and with both of us driving, we made good time.

We stopped in Tucson to catch our breath and then turned north on I 10 for a short drive to Palm Creek in Casa Grande.     Quite the amazing and lovely winter resort.   It boasts 1000 RV sites and 1200 small homes around a golf course, beautiful facilities, world class pickle ball and tennis courts and 3 pools.   We were there for the Tiffin Allegro Rally.    More than 250 coaches made by the Tiffin company gathered for 4 days of seminars, entertainment and catching up with others of similar interests.   One of the perks of the rally is the assorted techs they bring.   We made a list of minor things that needed looked at  and before we left, the A/C had been checked, another item repaired and a motor on the steps replaced. ( all at no charge! )    Plus, we had the coach washed and waxed by an efficient young crew that didn't mind being on the roof.   They also rolled in sparkling new 2016 coaches to encourage us to trade up..... it was easy to resist, we like ours.    But they sold a few.  

The resort is worthy of an extended stay but there is not much outside it's gates as the town has struggled to stay alive.   It does have some major stores and being half way between Tucson and Phoenix, I'm sure those populations will eventually creep that way and revitalize it.

It was very well organized and we met a fun group at our nightly Happy Hour in our section.   Marian and Allen have recently become full timers and plan to wander the country for the next year or so with plans to join us in Montrose this summer.  

And so, yesterday, we headed north to Scottsdale to check up on Jeff and Jennifer and Guiness in their new home.    A bit windy with blowing sand around here but we are looking forward to spending time exploring and enjoying.      Talk soon............

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Where we've been so far...........

Trying to take our time as we cross the southern states.  But we had an auspicious start.    We only went 100 miles the first day and then realized that we'd left P's eye drops behind..... Rats !   So we unhitched the car and backtracked.    Naturally, as I wandered thru the house, I found a few more things that needed to make the trip.     The RV steps decided to stop working so they are tied up to prevent wandering out suddenly and we have a  kitchen type step that looks pretty ugly but works.    Then the forward A/C decided to stop working.   Not a problem unless it was summer in AZ as we have two more to keep us cool.   It's always something when you own one of these behemoths so maybe we got lucky that they are relatively minor and can be fixed easily.    

   Usually, we zip along (well, we don't exactly ZIP  considering our mode of transport), and keep our noses pointed in the direction of our destination.    This time, we are taking it a bit slower ..... it's easier on the old bodies and broadens our   view of this great country.  ( yes Donald, it's still great ! )    These pictures reversed themselves so we'll go with the flow.

We spent a day in New Orleans.    Once was enough.   I'm sure it looks a whole lot better in the colorful evening but in the harsh light of day, it was dirty, smelly, crumbling and still full of tourists.    Fortunately, all of the night people were still hidden and the street musicians that we did enjoy were 

fabulous.    We took a break at the well known Cafe du Monde and even succumbed to the lure of fried, sugary beignets and cafe au lait with cream.... horrors!.    The coffee, made with a dark roasted bean and chicory was delicious and the cream certainly didn't hurt.    Our arteries didn't close up and the scale didn't move..... who knew?

A few days before , we made a nice stop at Topsail State Park, near Destin FL.    A beautiful beach and a very nice camp ground was a welcome respite  despite the rain.  


All of the FL beaches that we have visited of late have these walkways over the dunes and prohibit walking on the dunes..... No shells on this beach but beautiful powdery sand that we remember from so many years ago in Pensacola.

Currently, we are in San Antonio.   Heading out shortly to do the River Walk.    We've been there a few times in the past and it's a good walk.      Tomorrow we'll continue our way west following I 10 to Tucson.     Talk later..........