Thursday, May 18, 2017

AHH, Spring in the Mountains.....

This is the beautiful view this morning.....    We had hoped there would be the pouring of the cement on the extended patio  today..😕

On a brighter note....this gorgeous box of succulents appeared on my doorstep from Jeff and arrived in perfect condition with lovely yellow and white flowers and mosses and my favorite succulents.    I think I can handle the care and feeding as it says, one cup of water once a month !    It came from a site called Urban Succulents and apparently, this is a favorite for wedding bouquets and such.  

 So, before the grounds were covered in snow, I was playing a lot of golf.    Not well, but thoroughly enjoying being outside for 4+ hours surrounded by gorgeous scenery and  having fun with friends.   The game has moments of brilliance followed quickly by deep frustration.....   I actually got a point in league play on Tuesday.....I think they are used in the Pro Shop when you get enough.   
Meanwhile, the Pickleball player is on the courts every day and gearing up for a tournament in early June.   Plus, he's signed up for golf with the guys so we will both be in great shape to take on Couple's Golf next month.    

 The snow started while I was at Mah Jongg.....we play upstairs in the Clubhouse with a wall of windows facing the mountains....I should have taken a picture as the  big flakes started.     The little hummers are quite amazing and they were feeding well into near darkness.  

As the wet sticky stuff accumulated , it settled on the satellite dish......My handyman figured out that  a hose was the best snow shovel.    I had to repeat the process this morning.

The house is coming together....and hopefully, the patio  will get back on track once the weather improves.    I have everything ready to put flowers in their pots but glad I looked at the forecast.