Saturday, May 31, 2008

Life is good....

Yes, those are bright shiny NEW clubs on that cart. All dressed up in a fancy bag with matching club covers. I was able to try out some new clubs for 3 days from the Golf Academy. The depressing nature of my golf game got a big lift from using hybrids . When I returned them, the well informed employee discouraged me from my interest in those particular clubs and steered me to a less expensive option. I was able to try them out in the teaching bay (like hitting them out of a garage) and I liked them so brought them home. I still can't hit very well with the driver and much prefer my old putter, but the Sand wedge is a miracle instrument. I'm no longer intimidated by that fluffy white stuff........welll, maybe just a little.

The other day we joined friends for a trip to a course about 15 min from here. We actually paid to play golf.....something we don't have to do here . (unless we play the championship courses). This place was the most beautiful course I have ever seen. It would have been great just to walk and not even play. It was exquisite.
There were waterfalls and fountains and bridges and beautiful magnolias and oaks dripping in spanish moss.

Many of the palm trees had either impatiens or ferns or both covering the trunks.
A few days ago, we had dinner at our neighbors Frieda and John Scott's. They have a large lanai with a pool AND a putting green. Here is Frieda trying her best at the chipping contest. Roger and Sue Johnson , who live next door, also joined us. Frieda, Sue and I all take pickle ball lessons together.

John, the gracious host, managed to miss the table and dumped his food all over his feet. We were all happy that he did it and not us. At times like this, you really need a dog, or a neighbor with a dog. None of us fit that catagory so John had to clean it up

And I saved the best for last.........................#2 in the "CARS" series. Mater is a tow truck in the movie.

The boys know all the characters well and I suspect that with all the moving boxes, the series will continue.

Addendum: We kept reminding ourselves that we had to be outside at 5 pm to watch the shuttle blast off into space. Well, we almost missed it but we managed to dash out back just as it was breaking thru a cloud along the horizon and moving VERY fast, arching upward. Initally, it appeared as a brilliant red bullet, probably a reflection of the sun and not the huge rockets, followed by a large contrail. As it rose rapidly, it gleamed white and quickly became smaller and smaller until only the contrail was visible. We don't hear any sound associated with it. It was magnificent. In my earlier thoughts, I planned on having the camera ready, but of course, I didn't and therefore there are NO time, I promise.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

SCORE !!!!!

Alex went to a weekend tournament in Steamboat Springs and playing a different postion, midfield, he finessed this score. Notice the whack across the legs by a defensive player. Wish we could have been there. We're hoping he can make another golf trip down here soon. Miss you Alex.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Just what did we do with all of that time ??? BC, before computers, that is. !!!! Were our houses cleaner? Did we engage in quality time with others? Did we shop more? Did we read more? Did we watch more stimulating TV? If someone has any idea, please let me know because I don't remember.

I admit that I am addicted. I have been since Day 1. Back when we first had a computer that I understood and could operate.( It was around the time of the Eastern Airlines debacle and we were in the midst of it. ) One of the forms of communicating and obtaining all those improbably rumors came via the old TI or what ever brand it was. We gradually upgraded and became more literate. It certainly helped that we had genius children who understood this new frontier. The progression continued rapidly with the latest and the best crossing our doorstep. And with Michael being a part of the Microsoft machine, we now have access to our own NERD who speaks English and does not live in India and is willing to make housecalls. Currently, we REQUIRE 2 laptops to keep us happy and connected.

Who knows where this will all lead. I would like to come back in 100 years just to see what technology has accomplished. (If there is a next 100 yrs, considering the state of the economy, the environment and our pitiful Congress......but I digress.

Had a bit of a health scare recently. Don't you love it when the Dr is deep into an exam and says "Whoa....what is this? " Well, it got my attention and prompted more advanced tests, several days of severe angst, a mental settling of affairs and an appreciation of all that I have. Fortunately, the young ultrasonographer broke all the rules and declared me fit as he saw it........and the final report confirmed his opinion. Thank you Dave for saving me many more days of terror. At this age, I think mentally, we are all bracing ourselves for that large hammer hanging over our head to give us a gentle knock now and then. I think I am prepared for my imagined scenarios but this one caught me off guard. I am sometimes too acutely aware of my body and how it behaves. This time I had NO symptoms and so was pretty blindsided by the thought that cells might be running amok. So, I will look at my world with a fresh view and be thankful.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Take one large box, add two boys and stir in red paint..

Do I hear a collective ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Currently we are in the midst of one of Florida's other seasons........LOVEBUG SEASON. ...... 4-5 weeks of pesky black bugs flying about in tandem. Also called kissybugs, honeymoon fly, telephone fly and 2 headed bug, these annoyances don't bite or actually do anything but they are rather unsettlingwhen they are in your hair and on your body. I was at my 2nd pickle ball lesson (most people only need one !!) and they were everywhere. Apparently they can cause permanent marks on the car's finish. The recommend applying PAM or vaseline to the car in order to clean them off easier. Maybe I just won't drive fast for awhile.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stuff you don't need to remember......

Florida and other parts of the Southeast are in the midst of a severe drought. Now, I can't blame the rain gods for the above plants condition sits in my house and I have totally neglected it. Actually, it just needs repotting so it has better water retention soil. We are allowed to have the sprinklers on one day a week, after dark, and use non-potable water. (We have two water lines into the house for this purpose). But we are allowed to water extra if there is new landscaping or we hand water. One of our neighbors has a jungle for a yard and thick green grass , because he hand waters constantly. There outa be a law. But I suspect that his water bill is significant.
Aren't these lovely??? Even if they aren't tulips. And I bought them myself. The family knows I would prefer no gifts on Mother's Day but we went to Walmart on Monday and they had an abundance of left over bouquets for the paltry sum of $2.50 so how could I resist? As of today, Thurs, they are still doing well.
The buffalo seem to like their habitat and have produced bunches of baby buffalo. Initially, the mamas kept them away from prying eyes but now they are out in the open. Very cute. Alas, the Developer has announced that because of 3 "human incidences" and the potential liablity, all of the herds are being moved to "the North 40" whereever that is. The internet is full of comments this morning....everything from chastising people for feeding them and getting too close (yes, we are guilty) to putting up a double fence and even suggesting a moat with alligators. Others fear that this is just a way for the Developer to open up large areas of land for further building of commercial areas. They have announced that there will be a "spectacular" nature preserve built in the newer developments south of here.....maybe with buffalo?

The days are just too busy and I am accomplishing nada with the house. Today I am giving up my Art Studio to CLEAN !!! How sacrificial is that??? The new drapes are up (pictures to follow when the dust bunnies are gone) and they are OK, but the floors and walls are still bare. Just seems like there are other priorities in golf, and a good book, and a dip in the pool. Weather is still quite spectacular but a good soaking rain would be welcome.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

If it's Wednesday, this must be Pennsylvania....

We left Colorado a day or two early and hopped on an almost empty plane to Newark. Now , we had no intention of doing this until later in the month or next month, but the RV needed some attention after the long winter in storage. and we fly when the seats are available. We managed to swap cars with Jon as he came to the airport for a trip and arrived in Pa before dark. I must say that it is a pretty time of year up here, dogwood, lilac, tulips and a variety of trees all in bloom.

Today is hectic with MaryBeth and Jon working, Mason and I at home and Paul tending to the RV and seeing his Dr for one last time. ( Patti, I apologize if I didn't make it to the shop to see you.......I really tried. )

Tomorrow we will head over to Newtown to see MaryBeth and Jon's new house as they are having the inspection done. They will move the end of June. Jon will drop us off at the airport and we will catch a late flight back to Florida.

Jon stitched this picture together so it is rather scrunched looking. The house is obviously new, in a nice development in Newtown, actually in the Sandy Hook section. It is on 3 acres.

Nicholas is in the midst of finals at The Colorado School of Mines in Golden but managed a few hours off to meet us for dinner. Becca looks none the worse for wear after a fun night at the prom. Prior to leaving, she was complaining about her shoes and admitted that she went barefoot for most of the evening. I doubt she was alone.

Lizzie and Roxie have both changed since our December visit. It is hard to see her grow up so quickly. She is getting very tall and makes quite a fashion statement.(Lizzie that is, altho Roxie has been know to wear some chic sweaters and collars.)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Becca's Big Day

Just writing about the events of the day leaves me overwhelmed and full of emotion. So grab a cup and sit back and enjoy the views. We began our first full day in Colorado at the first of two Lacrosse games. Alex is #24 and identifiable by his height and red shoes. I love watching this game, with all its fast pace, flying sticks and rough and tumble action. It's the only sport I know where you can poke, whack and attack the other player with a long stick and it's all legal. Alex is very good but by the 2nd game, the entire team was running out of steam.

Meanwhile, Lizzie practices her twirling with the wide open spaces
and Michael is the team photographer. Said he took over 350 pictures of the two games.
But the day belonged to our Beautiful Becca. We were thrilled to be able to witness the preparation and excitement. Having 3 boys, we definitely missed the making of a beauty.

Rebecca Anne Miller, age 16
Here's Mom giving a final inspection

And granddad giving a big hug

Becca went with this group, 7 beautiful young ladies, and 3 handsome guys. They had a huge limo, dinner at an italian restaurant, the prom and then a huge after prom party. We can't wait to hear the details.

We ended the long happy day with a cheesecake to celebrate Michael's 44th birthday. I tried to make him 45 for a minute but was promptly corrected. You'd think I'd know for sure.....I remember every detail of that day. Stay tuned, more news and pictures soon.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Random chatter

My blog discipline is severely lacking. I think about doing it everyday but then the important and priority things get in the way (golf, sunshine, more golf and even more sunshine) and before I know it , it is the bewitching hour. I will do better.

These are the wonderful, exquisite French tulips that arrived the day my sisters and mother left. (ProFlowers) They are large and lasted exactly ONE WEEK !!! Tulips are my very favorite and when I find the pot of gold , I am going to have them delivered every week. Along with more of the chocolate birthday cake.

The Bunches, of Ft Myers and Woodbury, Ct fame, graced our doorstep last week. How fun was that. We led them around The Villages and made them endure the Trolley Tour but we don't think they drank the KoolAide. We had rousing games of ping pong and pickle ball. Bruce is in the championship league for ping pong and had to tone down his skills in order to be part of our team. Janet and I go back many many years with a shared interest in fiber arts. Janet generously gave us this beautiful framed organic piece. It is about 8 x 10 and is comprised of a dried leaf (the tan portion) the webbed portion of a palm tree, acorns and in the lower center is a beautiful large perfect dragonfly. We have another one of her pieces, comprised of a section of birch with a large beetle attached. (I haven't unpacked it) She knows more about bugs, and snakes and birds and all things growing. And contributes her time to nature centers both in Florida and in Connecticut. We hope to get together again in Ct. We were trying out the Macro function on my camera and I thought this view of salad makings was slightly picturesque.

Tomorrow, on Friday, we are winging our way west. We had thought about leaving today but the weather was just plain ugly and it snowed vigorously all day in Denver. Thinking that our fragile and elderly bodies could not adjust to the sharp contrast in climate, we opted to postpone it by a day. We will enjoy seeing Becca in her prom preparations, Alex playing Lacrosse and marvel at Lizzie growing up so quickly. Hopefully, Nicholas will be able to get away from college finals studies.

Jon and MaryBeth have been house hunting in Newtown, Ct. They have sold their house in Pa after about 6 weeks . Hard to believe that Andy and Mason will be going to school in the same town where Jon grew up. They think they have found a house to their liking.......stay tuned for pictures.