Sunday, October 30, 2011

Decision made for us by Mother Nature

We are enjoying our Florida sun today but for the little ones up North it was all fun and games last night.......the foot of snow and the glow of the lights made for a winter wonderland of fun.....But in the morning, reality set in and a return to the primitive ways began again.
It was only a couple of months ago that Hurricane Irene devastated this state and they lost power for a looks like it will be a similar experience for the area with 97% of the town without power and roads impassable due to trees and powerlines down. Too bad we didn't have enough time to preposition the RV in their driveway.
I remember, with painful clarity, the power losses we had over the years up is difficult and expensive and traumatic. The boys will no doubt be out of school again for many days......I can't imagine how they will ever make up all of the missed school from Sept and now. Meanwhile,I think they should FEDEX the boys down here while their house and school remains dark and cold.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Decision time........

THIS..............OR THIS...........................

We wanted to go North this weekend for Halloween but I'm afraid the snowsuits might be the costumes. When we were up there a month or so ago, I told Andy that I would enjoy going out to Trick or Treat with him and Mason. He promptly informed me that MY role was to stay home and hand out the candy and it was his Mom and Dad's role to go with him and his brother. So there !!! I would be happy to follow his orders but first we need to traverse the skies, ride the bus, hop on the train, ride in the car in the snow and cold and wind and finally get to a winter wonderland. And I'm not sure I even own the wardrobe to wear on this journey anymore.
No decision will be made until after we've played an afternoon of golf in our shorts and sunglasses.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pink fluff

This time of year, the bright flowers are fading a bit and pots of mums show up. And then for about 3 weeks, we have a glorious show of this beautiful light delicate muhly grass. The rest of the year, it is just a hedge of grass about 3-4 ft tall and then comes October and it glows everywhere. When the sun shines on it , it sparkles.
This picture below is off the web, just wanted to show how perfect it is for a showy border.
We planted a few sprigs 2 falls ago and it is very tall now and bushy. I took this pic
this morning, after the sprinklers had smooshed it down a bit. Driving around TV and the golf courses, it is everywhere and just so dainty and pretty and feathery in the breeze. It is very drought tolerant and would probably grow about anywhere. TV chops it down to the ground in the winter but we have not trimmed ours. about Tebow ?? It was one of the worst games I have watched (well except for the Colts and New Orleans last night !!) and I was about to switch to watching golf when at 2:44 left in the game, they finally woke up. It was a reminder of Elway days when we always counted on him to somehow squeak out a win. This team is nowhere near the old Broncos but maybe there is a spark of hope. And there is no doubt that if they had been playing anyone else, they would have been left in the dust.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Every kids dream.......

This picture is taken off of the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique web site for Disney World where "guests are magically transformed into little princesses and knights at this boutique owned by the Fairy Godmother and operated by Fairy Godmothers-in-training." Becca, (pictured at Nicholas's graduation with Lizzie) will don the costume of a Fairy Godmother -in-training and spend about 9 months on a Disney internship.
She will also take college credit classes in marketing while being paid to work in the Boutique. Doesn't this sound like just the most fun ?? She'll resume her Jr year in the fall at Colorado State. It will be wonderful to have her nearby and to hear the 'inside stories' of Disney. We are very excited..........well done, Becca !!

Weather has become crisp and cool lately....feels good but required some fleece and gloves to play early morning golf. It will be back to normal in a few days but for just a moment, it almost felt like fall.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I think I need a rest........

It's been a whirlwind few months......long miles and vistas on the road, a reunion, a wedding, a virus , another trip to favorite places and then some favorite company......I think a nap is in order.................................

The Roommates arrived again for Year II of golf and food and drink and sightseeing. The weather mostly cooperated and the humidity wasn't stifling. We went to dinner
at a favorite place....the Cotillion Southern Cafe which serves up authentic (don't count the calories) Southern cooking. Everything on the menu is delicious but the fried green tomatoes are worth the trip. And we went back a few days later for lunch, specifically for the BLT....bacon, lettuce and fried green tomatoes. We resume our fast today.
On Saturday, we attended a charity concert featuring Wynonna and Naomi was very good and again, not too hot and humid. That hair is really, really red !
After seeing Dolphin Tail, Carol needed to go to the home of Winter, the star of the show. She is in the Clearwater Marine Aquarium about 2 hours from here. Another
nice day and we saw the show and the exhibits and Shelly even got to hold one
of Winter's many tails....she has had 17 because she grows out of them. It was interesting and informative but the museum is just a small research and rescue facility and not set up for the hoards of visitors.
The popularity will allow them to expand their work. If you go, don't expect's tiny and utilitarian but they do great work.
We played golf and more golf. And then had to shop for more golf clothes so that we look good even when we don't play good. But.......I a hole-in-one...missed by a mere couple of inches..

Shelly has perfected her Appletini and it tastes as good as it looks...............
It was a great week but now it's time to get back to the mindful eating and exercising and catching up on the blog. Until you come to visit......reservations being accepted.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Day......

And with pride and excitement...we'd like to announce that in this crummy economy, at least one college graduate has a JOB !! Our first grandchild , an all around very smart, nice, handsome guy will make his mark in the world as a Fractional Engineer (no that is not a part-time engineer) for Halliburton. The wait was tense but we had no doubts that they would need his talents. We are thrilled but not as much as his parents.... Nicholas Paul Miller, Graduate of Colorado School of Mines

Company is coming................
It's all about the cleaning and the shopping and the cooking and the baking and the anticipation of good friends and fun people coming to our house. Pictures at 11....or when I get around to it. But I will share the golf and the wine and the trips near and far.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Home for awhile

We would have enjoyed staying a few more days but have obligations now and then so reluctantly we headed south. We initially planned to fly back with Jon on his flight to Orlando. But, knowing the fickle nature of pass riding, we decided to take a bird in hand instead. There was a 1:30 flt with about 20 open seats and Jon's at 3:15 had fewer seats. We boarded our flight at gate 137 at Newark. Jon's flt was to depart from 98...opposite end of terminal. As departure time came and went for our plane, we sat there listening to endless announcements of why we weren't going anywhere....and then they shut down the plane. The plane was broken but they had another one waiting for us at gate 96......right next to Jon's . He had been checking in periodically and was aware of the situation. He offered to get us on his flight but we chose to stay where we were (we had good exit row seats). We finally did get out , AFTER Jon did. He met us in Orlando but had to return to Newark so no time for a bite to eat. We both flew into crummy weather and he flew back north in it while we drove home in it.

One of the events that we always looked forward to when living in Newtown was the annual Labor Day parade. This year, they were visited by Irene and it was cancelled for the first time ever....and rescheduled for today. We would have loved to be sitting on the curb as our cute grandsons marched in's the Scout leader himself. (it doesn't look much like a parade in that picture.....the boys are in the background, near their float) I remember years of marching in that parade along with the boys in various organizations. And we always had perfect weather. Maybe next year we can make it.
Meanwhile, the weather continues soppy down here. We woke up to heavy rain and then a lull for a couple of hours and now it is coming in again.
I know you're waiting expectantly for pictures from the new equipment but the learning curve is steep and it's still practice, delete, practice, delete......but it is starting to sink in..........
Watching the Broncos attempt to play football is a bit embarrassing ........... : (

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Not home yet but getting closer....

It's nice to be needed.. Andy and Mason were in need of some grandparent time and their parents had a wedding to go to so...we flew east on Wednesday.

It is still very green here....seems a bit behind as I always remember the peak leaf time being about mid- month.

After all our pondering about a camera, we suddenly found ourselves in the land of B and H Photo. It is the mother of all stores for electronics and on- line ordering. So, on a beautiful fall day, we were off to Mahattan. It is the DisneyWorld of cameras and computers and high volume organization. It is too unique to just have to experience it.

When you go to the camera section, there are about 50 stations with helpful sales persons. Our gentleman was very knowledgeable and patient. After choosing a camera, lens, book, case, I ended up at the pay station and received my pkgs. Around the corner was this view.....

Location:Newtown, Connecticut

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More Colorado

Just a couple more .......

We spent part of a day in the stunning Maroon Bells . This is a popular photographer's dream location and is often seen on calendars and such.

Later, we stopped by Aspen but altho it looks like it was designed by Ralph Lauren, there is no joy in even window shopping when it is all about Prada and furs and astronomical jewelry designs.

Leaving the Western slope, we again traversed Glenwood Canyon. There is even more color other than aspen gold. This sign wasn't there when we hiked this trail or I probably would have chickened out.

The railroad tunnel is to the lower left of the other two.

We are not headed home, despite previous plans. As you know by now, we meander and just go with the wind and our whims.

Location:Denver airport

Monday, October 3, 2011


We came west to remember and honor Aunt Romayne at a gathering on a perfect October day. She would have been 99 this week.

And she would have loved this beautiful fox who meandered about while we reminisced

We had good intentions of getting on our flight home yesterday, but as we are wont to do on occasion , we headed west instead.

First stop was Georgetown, a colorful and historic Victorian mining mountain town nestled in among the mountains. A winding road brought us to Guanella Pass at nearly 12000 ft. It was not the destination but the journey which showed Mother Nature in all her grandeur. (Pictures are clickable)

These last two pics were taken with "vivid" setting on the camera.....

And this one wasn't......I think it works in some situations but not all. That is Georgetown and I-70 on the left.

This is entering Copper Mountain area ...

After leaving Vail, the geography levels out and ranches with cattle and horses are prevalent.
And then the beautiful stretch of Glenwood Canyon ..... I can't link to sites on the iPad but google Glenwood Canyon and learn about this scenic place and the engineering marvel of building an interstate highway while preserving the magnificent. We have enjoyed the bike trail which follows the canyon and did the hike to Hanging Lake a few years back. It is straight up for 1 1/4 mile but worth every step. We hiked down in a torrential downpour when the trail became a raging torrent and it really was 'slippery when wet'.

We have no agenda except to drink in the sights and perfect weather of a favorite place in our memories.

Location:Glenwood Springs