Thursday, April 25, 2013

Catching up.........

It's been a whirlwind of friends, family and days filled with appointments and many trips along the highways of Florida.      It was a great week but wish I could have spaced the highlights out just a bit to savor more slowly.      
My sister Sandy knows of my love of the tropical flowers from Costa Rica and gifted me these from Hawaii.....they are magnificent (despite my feeble attempt at arranging) and I'm hoping they have a long life.     Later that day, my first and favorite husband, carted me off to the beautiful Gaylord Palms hotel in Orlando.   We spent an anniversary there a few years ago and looked forward to returning.   This was the view from our 8th floor balcony.

There are several restaurants in the atrium, this one of a fishing camp  in the Everglades, complete with live alligators and  a Steak house.  
We had a bit of the bubbly before dinner.............
And then there was THE GIFT....  My wonderful family, (and yes, they were wonderful even before the gift ) totally surprised me with a beautiful sparkly bauble......I love it and will share in another post when I get a good pic.    But the box was equally pretty !!
We hurried home the next day to welcome the Connecticut crowd back from their Disney Cruise.    We had a wealth of grandma's around as Rae joined them on the Cruise.....I have NO pics of any of it....I am really getting lazy with the camera these days.    As usual, when this particular tribe comes to visit, the weather turns ugly and cold.    But they had great days on the ship so all was not lost.  

And now , we look forward to Jeff and Jennifer returning for some sunny golf  and to escape  their rainy weather in Washington.     Isn't this a lovely pic of Jen.    She is wearing the mink belonging to  Aunt Romayne.   I did not know what to do with this beautiful coat and even though it fit me just fine, I didn't see any time when it would be appropriate for me to wear.......altho it would be very warm  sitting around our  campfire on a chilly eve somewhere.  !!    Anyway, Jennifer took it home with her in Dec and found a recent occasion to wear it......isn't this just perfect?    Romayne would be pleased.    
On another note, and a final one as this is getting much too long........... we are gearing up for our summer travels.     We are heading back to our favorite stomping grounds in Colorado and the western states.     Many years ago, when we lived in Golden, we explored the mountain 4X4 trails.   It is exhilarating and occasionally terrifying but oh so beautiful.    To go off above tree line and view the world in all it's glory is truly a privilege.    As we plan our travels, we felt that we really wanted to return to those places we remember and the only way to do that is in a proper mode .....  not wanting to hike it or ride a donkey, we went shopping and came home yesterday with a Jeep .  !!    They have made them much more passenger friendly but still a challenge to just get into  without a ladder.   
Yes, it matches the MH with it's "rugged brown pearl " color and we can't wait to 
climb those mountains...................

Friday, April 19, 2013


So,  today I changed the blog header.......Ten years ago, I spent the day dissolved in misery at the thought of growing older and reaching a major milestone.    I dreaded the next major birthday and altho the thought of turning 60 was daunting, I could not imagine what 70 would be like.  
The last 10 years brought unimaginable changes in our lives........a life changing traumatic event, leaving the working world behind, moving to a RETIREMENT Community...... All were unexpected and unplanned.    And they all turned out just fine and we have a full and healthy life, filled with special friends and new adventures.     We have each other and this is our 50th year of marriage and our 55th year of being together.    We feel relatively " current " in the changing world and we are active and healthy and vibrant and involved.    We probably look our age with wrinkles and sags and joints that sometimes creak and complain.  We are truly blessed with the most wonderful family.....from our 3 talented and successful sons, to their accomplished wives and wonderful mothers to our almost perfect, attractive and smart grand kids  (they really are all of that! ).....            
We don't know what the next decade will  bring but I'm sure  it will offer challenging and exciting  adventures that we can't imagine......  We go forth with anticipation ..... Life is good and we growYOUNGER EVERY DAY......

Monday, April 15, 2013

I miss Spring.......

Well, I don't miss the schizophrenic weather changes and the serious showers of pollen and the over-zealous gnats and the cleaning  of the yard ...........but I miss the forsythia and the crocus and the sunny daffodils and especially the dogwood.    And the search for pussywillow down by the lake and the first robin.  

So, it was a pleasant surprise to find spring in South Carolina.     And there was pollen everywhere and daffodils and azaleas and forsythia and the smell of spring.
I found a dogwood tree at the Freightliner campground and used the trusty iPhone to capture the color.  

We are home.................... and looking forward to favorite people coming to visit.    

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Checking in with family........

Altho we are on the road, life is not that exciting for blog reading with one  exception.    We left the bugs behind and headed for the hills.    We are somewhere in SC, near Gaffney which is near Spartanburg and Greenville.     The coach is getting a few maintainance items done and we toured the Freightliner factory and saw all kinds of chassis being assembled amidst the extreme noise....and NO ONE was wearing ear was deafening and not very exciting from my viewpoint but the other half seemed to soak it all up.    P is attending 2 days of Freightliner camp to learn all about the chassis.....he said there are  4 women in attendance but I talked to other women who have gone and they said it was totally incomprehensible and sleep inducing.     
Fortunately, we had other things to interest us as P's cousins live in Greenville.    We had met Linda and Kathy many many years ago so it was time to catch up.    What a wonderful time we had, laughing and sharing and reminiscing.    AND, their dear mother, Aunt Dorothy is such a gracious, lovely lady with an amazing memory.    When asked recently, by a child, how old she was, she said "Can you subtract 2 from 100 ??    It was a privilege to spend time with her.   She reminds us so much of my mother and Aunt Romayne.   That generation had a special gift for keeping in touch with letters and phone calls that puts the rest of us to shame.      
 Myself, Linda, Paul and Kathy after catching up over Chinese food and promises to stay in touch.

Otherwise, the trip has been pretty devoid of blog-worthy chatter.    Here's the pic of the oaks I had to delete
And this is the expansive and interesting bridge over some channel in Brunswick, Ga.  
We head towards home on Saturday, taking two days for the trip.  
Thanks to those who offered suggestions re: the blog.   I haven't had time to do much and I may just consider starting a new blog so see if that will help but just the thought of all that makes me tired so I'll have to procrastinate a bit more.................Plus, I'm going to have to change the blog header shortly and that might just ruin my week completely.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Exploring Georgia

We are on the road again.....this time just 3.5 hours away in Brunswick, Georgia at the Coastal Georgia RV Resort.    It is a very very nice campground with spacious well landscaped sites and spotless facilities.    We'd give it a "10" on any scale except it has little black bugs....sort of like gnats that get in your face and in your motorhome thru the screens.   They do bite and we spray liberally before heading out but they still are a fog around the head and eyes.   It really makes being outside very unpleasant.   We are here for a Tiffin rally.   Tiffin makes our coach and there is a forum for members to share info and tidbits on everything.    This is a semi-annual gathering and there are about 70+ coaches very similar to ours .     It looks like a dealer lot !!    Paul's enjoying putting faces with the names on the forum.      Events are planned and every evening there are meals, both potluck and provided in the open air pavilion by the lake.    We'll, we sit, we eat, and we leave.    It really is unfortunate that it is so miserable being outside  as it would be lovely to meet other people.  
Before we left home, I finally accomplished one of my goals to meet a fellow blogger who winters near us.    You'd think that arranging a meeting of two retired nice women would be easy....not !    Anyhow, as I was going off to meet her, Paul was questioning my judgement in meeting a perfect stranger.....I told him we were meeting at Panera's but he still asked for a text when I left.      So here's the picture 
 of the serial killer that I met.  !!    This is Robbie and if you follow the link, you will see that she is sitting on an Florida.     Anyhow, she is very creative and talented and we felt like old friends.    I'm hoping that some of her energy will rub off on me.      She was kind enough to take a boat- load of beads off my hands and out of my closet.    I have had them for years, beautiful and shiny, with thoughts that I would eventually do something with them........but now, it is time to start decluttering and make room for new 'stuff''.       She was able to sort thru them and regift a bunch to other friends.   Plus, she made a little 'snap bag' for my purse to carry "important things".....she is a master at free motion quilting ..... I'm so pleased.    AND, I now have a golf bag charm for my phone.....Thanks so much Robbie for the unique gifts, for helping me out with the beads, for being such a delight to meet and for NOT being a serial killer.  
 Between raindrops down here in coastal Georgia, we did a bit of exploring on St Simon's Island.
The oaks are magnificent and many of the island roads are framed by them.    We'll go back for more on the weekend when the sun shines again.  (I had to remove the picture of the oaks as the wifi here is pretty weak and unpredictable and it finally posted when I took out the pic )

I'm putting out a HELP request to fellow bloggers.    When I first started the blog, I thought I made it so people could sign up to be notified when I post a new entry.    Apparently, that never happened and over the past few months, I have had some requests to do the necessary corrections so they can put it on their readers or subscribe to posts.    I went on dashboard but couldn't figure out how to do, if one of you out there on blogger could give me DETAILED instructions, I would be appreciative.