Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How sweet it is..............

The glow and a bit of disbelief is still hanging around.    The angst was palpable prior to the big day and part of me just wanted to read the headlines the next day.     Plus, we were on a get-a-way a few hours south and didn't have the Bronco man with us and somehow left the orange crush T-shirt behind as well ...... BUT, the Connecticut contingent came thru and carried the banner high........!    A memorable  night.     Lady Gaga was amazing and don't we all wish we had (and could wear) that Gucci sparkly suit?   But the red glitter eyelids are within reach !!     Young Mr Newton won't forget this for awhile and with his mighty talent he will be back but maybe with a bit more grace and humility.    ( and now I have to go order a #58 Bronco jersey)

We loaded up the MH and drove down to the Fort Myers / Naples area for a few days.    We had 2 hot and humid and sweaty days (and worry about Zika mosquitos) and then the temperature dropped, the breezes came and we bundled up.    We wandered the nature trail at our campground at Koreshan State Park and enjoyed a guided tour of the Six Mile Cyprus Slough.     We did some window shopping in the high end outdoor mall and  tried to escape the never-ending drum of political noise.  

 A very colorful African Tulip tree..... new to me and quite lovely.  

But mostly, we gathered with old friends and enjoyed the comfort of a long history of friendship and times remembered.  

Janet and I go back about 30+ years in Connecticut.    She and Bruce are two of the smartest people I know and I always have to practice with my thesaurus before we gather.  

We last caught up with Mark and Annette when they came to our western good to catch up once again.     We go back to high school days (well, Annette is MUCH younger).   

We came back a few days early.    It is cold and very windy here and time to bundle up by the fireplace (yes, we have one of those down here in the Sunshine state !)     I'm knitting an Icelandic sweater !!? because with the weather changes , it may come in handy wherever I live..... !