Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I have no pictures.   I could have taken a few of the minimalist look we are currently sporting but I think I'll just wait until we're a bit farther along.     And I keep forgetting my camera in order to capture the beautiful mountain peaks  that received new coatings of the white stuff over the weekend.   The weather is turning delightful.   There was monsoon like rains over the holiday weekend and unfortunately, one result was the massive landslide  north from us.     The morning temps are in the high 40's and warms up quickly to the 70's.    We are to have a heat wave for a couple of days but with the very dry air, it is quite nice.  

We have been busy.    Mostly looking at furniture, dealing with minor items on the punch list, waiting for deliveries and ordering more stuff.     And we've also been quite social.  

We now have a dining table…only seats 6 so don't bring a crowd when you visit.    We ordered a sofa and loveseat and one recliner from Lazy Boy……today we received one sofa and two recliners and no loveseat.    After a phone call, we will now receive the loveseat at a nicely reduced price and will keep the 2nd recliner.     We've ordered cable and internet ( Charter) and had our trash and recyclingi containers delivered today. We have a mailbox down the street and are getting mail.  

We are Club members and on Memorial Day we attended a BBQ and met really friendly people.   The day before, I had gone to a charity Tea at the club.    I was invited to go along with 3 of my neighbors and we had a lovely time.    I wish I  had worn  a pretty  hat altho most didn't.

We haven't decided on which of the Golf memberships we will invest in.   They have many options and it takes a serious brain to figure it all out.    I"m anxious to get out and try out the course.    We have a ringside seat to the 3rd hole, Par 3.    So far, the ladies all seem to be pretty darn good.    They have  9 hole and 18 hole groups that play on Tuesday.   I think I will start out with the 9's next week. …but first I need to spend some serious time at the driving range.

Tomorrow we get our bed altho the rest of the bedroom pieces were delivered earlier.    I have a decorator coming tomorrow to help with the window coverings on the very large window in the great room.      All in all, it's coming along just fine altho it would be nice to move in totally instead of splitting ourselves and our stuff between the house and the MH.

There are times when I wonder why we have so many houses, fixed and movable.  But right now, it seems to be working and I refuse to think about all the dishes I have acquired…..not to mention coordinating towels for bathrooms.       About 30 % of the development leave in the winter to 2nd homes….mostly Arizona but some go to Florida.

Enough of my consumerism…..   I hope you'll consider visiting ….. but not all at once please !

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's a house………

I took a deep breath and opened the door…….I had NO confidence in any of my decisions…except maybe the appliances.                               But no need to worry…it's all good !    
In order to keep the costs down, we opted for a semi-custom house.    We were able to tweak some things, pick certain colors and upgrade appliances.   But the basics were chosen by the developer ( he is very hands on ).     So, most of the patio homes have a similar look……just like The Villages !   

 We're still waiting for the backsplash and the cabinet pulls.

View from kitchen towards entry on left…you can barely see the tall door.   The study is straight ahead and the guest bath and bedroom are to the right.

The study….it really is bigger than it looks in this view.   It has hardwood floors.   And there is always the option of using the outdoor privy.

Your room when you come to visit.   Nice view of the golf course.

From the entry, this window looks thru the house…. There will be landscaping or something in that little nook.  


Large window in great room with good view of the golfers on the Par 3.    The course looks to be in beautiful shape….very lush.

View from the great room towards the kitchen and the entry on the right.

Love the fireplace and the stone.   It's a bit warmer stone than this pic shows.    The surround isn't in place yet , nor is the TV .  We opted out of a mantel and like the simplicity.

We headed to Grand Junction yesterday and managed to choose bedroom and some great room furniture.    I see many trips back there  ( 60 miles ).     But, if you decide to visit, you'll have to sleep on the floor….no guest  accommodations yet.

I'm stumped about window treatments ( read $$$$$ no matter what we do ) and may call a neighbor's decorator altho the "Budget Blind" guy has already dropped off his propaganda.

Had dinner with neighbors last night.     Barb and Art were the first people we met here.   Paul plays PB with Art and when we were looking around this beautiful part of Colorado, Art suggested we look at   Cobble Creek and the rest is history.         She actually grew up in Newtown Ct and lived in a large colonial at the end of Main Street .This landmark  is also home to a Civil War soldier…..he's reported to be nice but quiet.   She confirmed this.
OK, time to get moving and go pick out drawer pulls…………….

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The wait is almost over……..

  We decided to stay in the Denver area a couple more days.   Not that we needed to do more shopping….we have NO more room for anything.    We've filled every nook and cranny of the Jeep with Costco trips and the MH has the larger boxes cluttering about.    We've looked at furniture until I"m totally confused.    Grand Junction has the same stores we wandered thru so we will go there on Wednesday to make some final decisions.    GJ is about 60 mi from Montrose.     We had a minor problem when we made the decision to stay put…. the CG was full.    We had dinner with friends Cyndi and Scott….Paul played PB with her and we saw them in Albuquerque and they stopped by to see us in Florida.   They were going to a Tiffin rally this weekend in Chatfield St Park and happened to have an extra spot open up.      So, not only did we get a place to hang our hat but we are now official members of the Rocky Mountain Allegro Club (made up of people who own Tiffin Motorhomes).   

 The group sites at Chatfield are very nice.    Sort of like circling the wagons …. around a center fire pit with large tables and a nice gravel / concrete surface.    I took this pic as the sun was setting and P was getting the fire set.    We met many very nice people from Colorado.    It was a fun gathering.

We finally pulled up stakes and headed out early this morning for our trip West.   As you climb out of the Denver plains, you crest a long hill and are greeted with your first stunning view of the Rockies.

 And also, the buffalo herd that's been there for years…….

It was an uneventful but beautiful  ride over the passes…..one ski area is still open due to all the recent snow they have had.    Hopefully, this will replenish the lack of moisture in previous years.

We are camped about 5 miles from the house. …...haven't been over to the house yet.    
I'll share our first thoughts in the next day or so…….It's so good to be out in the West again……..

Monday, May 12, 2014

Winter Wonderland…….

We arrived at Cherry Creek State Park on a sunny warm day…….We like this park and have stayed here many times while in Denver.     Despite the pouring cold rain the next day, we met for a Mother's Day breakfast at a favorite eatery.    Then, with the forecast in mind, we hibernated for the rest of the day.    Snow started in the afternoon and continued off and on, alternating with sleet.    It was still snowing this morning.  

 Probably 5 inches of heavy wet snow and 30 degrees greeted us when we headed out.

 There are many many deer up here and despite the snow, they were out and about.  

Tonight it is supposed to dip to 23 degrees…..We've had to search to find some of our cold weather clothes that we packed away, not thinking we would need it til the fall.    Later tomorrow, it will start the warm up and by Wednesday, it will be in the 70's.  

It looks like we will head to Montrose this weekend and the closing is currently planned for the 23rd.   That will give us time to look at the house and then order furniture and such.    Today, Jenna and I wandered thru IKEA.   Interesting stuff….not all of it appealing but their prices are certainly attractive.  

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Our brief respite in SE Colorado was just what we needed after our galloping thru all of those southern states.    And meeting up with Dean and Diane was the best.   Old friends are like old shoes….only better looking.    We caught up with the 2 years in between our last gathering.     Alas, the wind kept our camp fire to a brief moment but our moving houses are comfy and cozy and so was the food and drink.    Hopefully, our paths will cross again later in the summer.     Safe Travels  DD.  

So, we are in the mile high beauty that is Colorado and Denver.    A bit chilly but it is only early May and the sun still shines brightly.     Tomorrow is to bring winter back for a bit.    The mountains will get a couple of feet of the white stuff and we are forecast for a covering as well.   Luckily, we have no place to go and if we do, we have the hardy Jeep.        Hopefully, I'll get back to picture taking……..

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rolling along…….

Leaving the  Witchita Falls campground, we spied this colorful area…..assume it was the dog park !!

We're moving right along, heading North now towards our rendezvous today with the DD's.    Nothing scenic to report unless you consider the people you see at WalMart.  (  I know that isn't very nice to say but I keep thinking of that video every time I go there )  Yes, we had to do it….it made one stop shopping a bit easier and going later in the evening probably helped.    We are in Amarillo, a dusty western colored  place that doesn't beckon me.    But , the Amarillo Ranch RV Park is worthy of an overnight if you pass by.   

Reports from the scouts ahead tell us that there is no WiFi at the State Park where we will spend 2 nights.   But there is a freshly tarred and sanded road leading to the  area that we will try our best to avoid.        See you in Denver ………….!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Westward Ho

Yes, we have no pictures……..  This internet is way too slow….. plus, I didn't take any !!     We started the loading process on Friday.    Despite the fact that it was a torrential downpour for most of the day, we managed to get a fair share done.    On Saturday, with a departure time of 9 ,10, 11   noon, we finally said Good Bye and headed out at 12:40……  and still raining !!      The Jeep was loaded and the  MH was packed as full as we've ever tried.    Hopefully, most of the 'stuff' will stay in Montrose when we leave in the fall.

The first day we made it all the way to Milton Florida. Next to Pensalcola and the  Famous birthplace of Jeffrey P Miller some 48 years ago.   It's changed a bit since then.    The sun was out but we didn't care as we were worn out.    We slept very well.         After the historic rains earlier in the week, the park had been totally flooded.    Several motorhomes and cars had to be totaled.   Others had their possessions out in the drying process.    Watermarks on buildings and RV's indicated it came up at least 2 feet, if not 3 in some spots.   They had been hard at work in the week and the office was shiny clean and the park was open.    The pool had overflowed as well.

The next day we drove over 500 miles to a lovely RV park in Shrevesport.    The southern plan (we normally take the northern, tornado alley road to Co ) has been a very nice driving route.    It's flat and being a weekend, traffic is moderate and trucks are apparently enjoying a weekend off.     Weather has been flawless and we're hoping our luck will not change.

Today, we will head towards Witchita Falls, Tx, bypassing Dallas, Fort Worth but still a hassle with traffic.     Not sure how far we'll go but I'm hoping we can relax a bit.    It helps that we both drive.

In a couple of days, we will meet up with duo of Dean and Diane.   Remember them from our Canada trip of two years ago ?    Fortunately, they are headed north from their winter in Texas and our paths will collide somewhere in SE Colorado.   We are really looking forward to a reunion and hope they have plenty of firewood for our nightly campfires….we have none.   But we do have wine to bring to the party.

And then it's on to Denver for some serious shopping for the house and to enjoy the kids once again.

So, that's the synopsis of our trip so far.    It's really good to be back on the road again in the moving house…..and headed WEST.

PS…..  We got a later start this morning and decided to take it easier than our other days.     With that in mind, I visualized a nice happy hour overlooking the Texas landscape and watching the sun go down.       But not to be…..We are in Wichita Falls and this is what greeted us when we stepped out…….It's a dry heat tho….as if that matters.