Monday, February 23, 2015

Enjoying the view from afar........

This might be one reason why we spend our days in the land of palm trees and golf and pickle ball....!
Montrose was buried in beautiful snow last night.    The mountains of Colorado and Utah have been lacking in snow and with the depth's measuring in feet, I'm sure everyone is rejoicing.      That house with the high overhang is our house, the tables are at our dear neighbors, Susan and Gary Gray.   I often walked across the golf course with my wine glass for a happy hour.    Susan will be in the area visiting with her children in a week and I sure hope we can chat awhile.  

Weather has finally warmed up and yesterday I got a bit of a glow on the golf course....and it wasn't from playing well.   Hopefully, the cold days are gone for the year and we invite you all down to savor the warmth and thaw out.  

We are very fortunate to be living healthy, active lives but we are frequently faced with friends dealing with declining health, deaths and debilitation.    Intellectually, I knew this would happen some day but  when the reality of it has a name and a face and a history with us, it becomes much too real and difficult.     I remember when Paul was down and out and how vital the calls and notes and encouragement were to me and I try and offer what I can.  

Speaking of health.....I won't preach (even tho I really really want to ) but do watch "Forks Over Knives"....  Netflix or youtube.      I wasn't going to mention this AGAIN, but then decided that it's my blog and I can do what I want.  

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

 We did the southern drive in our usual 2 days.    We couldn't wait to see the temperatures go over 30 degrees and watch the snow slowly fade.       We could tell we had reached Florida when we

saw this sign at a rest stop...... !

 Besides listening to an book , we also kept our eyes on WAZE the FREE app that tells you about traffic and hazards and police and slow traffic.    All those little pink blobs are Wazers who can quickly enter traffic info and we are alerted by an icon and a voice alert.   We can then acknowledge it or delete if it's no longer there.    You get points for each time you comment and then get upgraded to a better looking icon or something.    It was even featured on the news the other night.   It was very helpful going thru the NY traffic.   It also acts as a GPS.

It's great to be back home and in the sun but it is coolish and breezy so the sweaters and jeans still feel good.  

This is what I'll be accessorizing with on Valentine's Day, compliments of my DIL Jennifer who said it was a very early BD gift.....It's not something I would splurge on for  myself but aren't those the best gifts.    I'm loving the color and it goes perfectly with my grey hair !!      Thank you Jen !!  

I was going to put a funny ecard at the end of this but the ones I thought were hilarious weren't G rated or even PG ..... I'll have to send them to my favorite Valentine !      Have a fun day with someone you care about !  

Monday, February 9, 2015

Grandparenting is a special privilege.............

It certainly is white and cold and snowy up here.     We got in on Wed night after easy driving.   The next day it was 2 degrees with a wind chill below zero.   We bundled up in thick sox and extra layers and turned up the heat.    Furry throws wrapped around our legs and electric blankets at night have kept us toasty and comfortable.     We are wimps......!

 The COACH never rests !!    Lessons in the basement commenced with drills and a few chairs became a net.

 After dire warnings of the pending THIRD storm, we waited for the white stuff knowing school would be cancelled and the Mall would be crowded.     Freezing rain came during the night and then the fluffy snow finally began falling this morning.     It is so pretty.  And irresistible  to active boys who took advantage of the deep snow and the long hill out back.   So far, P says there is about 4 new inches on top of the previous accumulations.    They came in,  had  hot chocolate and left their wet clothes all over the entry...........some things never change.

Tomorrow we'll pack up and head quickly south............

......providing the parents decide to come home.

Deja vu all over again...................(yes, it's fuzzy but it's as if the scene is right out of the 70's..)