Thursday, July 27, 2017

Am I too busy or just lazy..............?

I'd gather that it's the latter.    Or maybe that there's just nothing blog worthy in our life.   
Weather is hot midday but refreshingly cool otherwise.    We are in the midst of a very active monsoon season with heavy storms in the afternoons and uncomfortable humidity most days.

Weather permitting, we head over to Ridgeway on Thursdays for the outstanding free concerts in the park.   The setting is perfect with the mountain views.    Two weeks ago, Willie Nelson's son, Lucas was the main event.    The place was wall to wall fans and many were hoping that Willie would show....he didn't but the music was great.  

We headed out for a wildflower fix last week.     Imogene Pass, from Ouray to Telluride, is a long rough ride.   This year we have had excessive snow and now rain so the waterfalls were impressive and the streams wild and full.

  When we're not jeeping or golfing or pickle balling, we're eating...... Olathe corn is now in season and it is very sweet and yummy.     Also enjoying TLT sandwiches with fresh tomatoes and bacon flavored tempeh ( a soy product with bacon flavors that cooks up crispy and delicious.....try it, you won't miss the bacon and the fat and the chemicals )       We use Just Mayo and find it tastes just like the real thing, minus the dairy and eggs.    ( This product has made a dent in the mayo industry and Helman's has sued to get them to take the Mayo out of their name....I don't think they won ).  

 The patio is sl-o-w-l-y coming together.   It is very frustrating but we are pleased with everything.  Hopefully in about 2 weeks we can call it done.

I now have a large room to call my own with my desks and storage and such.    IKEA provided the substance and it's been fun to fill up the spaces and have a place for everything.       And I have room for lots of yarn.   When I'm not knitting or drawing or organizing, I'm enjoying this colorful project.  I really don't want a crocheted throw but I couldn't resist the colors and the very reasonable kit from the UK.   And it arrived in a week via ordinary mail.  

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Come along.......

Yesterday, 9 of us went on a phenomenal jeep ride high into the San Juan's.    A crystal blue sky and mind boggling views made for a wonderful day with family.    

 Using a biking app, Jon was able to make this view of our ride....enjoy.  (Click on the lower right to make it full screen)

 Andy and Mason, on their trip from CT to western CO,  first stopped at Mike and Jenna's and met Aspen and Tellie...both showing off their skills at sitting on a box.   Beautiful and lively dogs.

 After a few days with Grandma Rae and the rest of the family in Grand Junction, everyone headed south to Cobble Creek.   Jon and Mary Beth took Aunt Romayne's 1972 beetle for a ride..... It used to live at Mike's but came over to be garaged for the winter and hasn't left yet.   It's very cute and brings back memories of our first car in 1965.   Mary Beth also had a '65 in her youth.

And then we headed further south on Thursday to explore Corkscrew and Hurricane Pass trails.   Jon rented two jeeps (it's a very popular thing in Ouray but they aren't cheap and need to be returned CLEAN ).    We had our trusty Wrangler and we headed up....

 Chris and Susan (Mary Beth's brother and wife) joined us....

 Mary Beth determined to get a picture of a columbine .... later we found acres of them in more accessible locations.    The wildflowers are getting ready for their stunning display.   Note a partial view of Red Mountain in the mirror.

 We stopped for a picnic in Animas on to enlarge.

Hurricane Pass had only been cleared a few days before......

Must have been "take your llama to work" day......