Saturday, June 10, 2017


We are finally seeing some progress on the remodel of the patio........

We headed over to Ouray on Friday with 3 other Jeeps.    Cascade Falls was full and noisy from the spring melt.

The tourists have arrived both in town and in the mountains.   I had hoped we would beat the season rush.   

Some 29ish years ago, we enjoyed our first visit to Ouray.    Jenna was very pregnant with Nicholas and Mike had a broken foot.   Jeff brought his white Toyota truck and Jon brought his friend Chris (Jenna's brother).    We rented a Jeep, rode horses and took scary roads over the passes.   I said that I wanted to live here someday.    ( never actually believing my words).      This rock overhang on the way to Yankee Boy Basin was the scariest thing of all.    The road was MUCH narrower all along this shelf and I was terrified.   Today, it is much improved as there is an active silver mine beyond it and big trucks use the road.   But it's still not for the faint of heart and is one car at a time.  

 The trail is only partially open as the snow has been late and heavy this year.   We passed several snow slide areas....this one was quite massive and took out a long stand of Aspen.

 After climbing up to 11,000 ft on a rutted, rough, wet, washed out trail with required stream crossings, we came to the end of the cleared road.   There was quite a parking lot.    We saw several skiers/snowboarders who hike up the mountain and ride down.   They said the snow was too hard and they were waiting for a bit of warming to soften it up.   At that elevation, they are all young and tan and male and energetic.

 Not many places to pass....uphill has the right of way....and  on hiking trails as well.

Once you get to Yankee Boy Basin, there are several options ..... one is Governor Basin which climbs and winds it's way steadily upwards to an old mine and breathtaking views.    The other is a favorite, Imogene Pass which goes over to Telluride the hard way.   It is long and rough but worth it.   Both trails are snowed in, probably until early July.     So we had to go back the way we came ....Ouray is down there in the valley.  

 Along the way, the waterfalls are plentiful.........

Today, the Montrose Botanical Gardens held their annual Garden tour of 5 homes.    Everything was in bloom but my favorite is always the poppies.

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  1. You are much braver than I am, for sure, but it is beautiful! Love those poppies!