Wednesday, June 7, 2017

If it's June..... must be Pickleball tournament time.    Montrose Rec Dept hosts a popular event each year with players of all levels and ages.   And it's surprising how far some will drive to compete.    These two guys came really close to capturing the Gold in their division and proudly wear their Silver 2nd place medals.    The next day, he played in mixed doubles with Bev and did well but came home medal-less.    A fun two days, especially for me proudly cheering from the sidelines.   

Meanwhile, back at the homesite , the cement truck finally pulled up and discharged a patio sized amount of pebbly concrete.  After it partially dried, the guys washed it to reveal a textured dark grey surface.   

 At least we can  have chairs out and enjoy the evening sunsets.    I'm hoping the remainder of the project will be finished soonly.....but not holding my breath.  

It's been fun to see what pops up in the spring yard these days.     I'm not a gardener so don't always recognize a plant until it blooms.   The previous owners did a good job of keeping me surprised and happy.      We have a small lilac, many day lilies and other interesting colors of lilies.    The peonies are in full glory and I have given many bunches away.   And now the  many roses are in full bud and I can't wait to be awed.  

The golf game has improved dramatically altho the scores haven't.    Frustrating.   But I'm pleased and I'll keep at it.    We play Couple's golf on Monday night and that is a casual fun way to meet other Cobble Creeker's.   I play in a Lady's league on Tues and P plays with the guys on Thurs.   I also head out once or twice a week with   my neighbors.  

 Spring also brings out the baby ducks on the course.    There are a few geese and one couple have 4 goslings....cute as babies but not so much as adults.     The mallards are plentiful and I was surprised by this momma and her EIGHT little ones enjoying the view of the 1st green from their little rock in the Creek.    The picture is a bit blurred but you get the idea.     We have a great blue heron on our pond but not sure he has a mate.  

I had to get a new hummingbird feeder.    The bees completely took over the other one.    I got the saucer type of feeder and now everyone is happy except the bees.   This one is bee-proof.   I might have to get a 2nd as the little hummers are very territorial and aerial dog fights are frequent.

We've been pretty lazy and haven't been out on any of the twice a week hikes with the Club.    But, we did make the annual dinner and signed up for a couple hiking get-aways planned in the fall and next spring.     I'm sure it would be better for me to do a 5 miles hike than a walk/ride around the golf course.    According to my iWatch, I do about 3 miles when I play 18 holes.    If I could hit the ball farther, I wouldn't have to walk so much.  


  1. Congratulations Paul! Terrific!

    We had a hummingbird feeder in our courtyard (several years ago) amd one little guy decided it was HIS, and he spent all day perched on the thing, chasing away all comers. It was near the BBQ and he zoomed us when we went out there. We get ants at ours, never bees.

    My game has been in the toilet lately. Can't figure it out! Damn golf...

    We have several blue heron and snowy egrets around the various golf courses, but I've never seen one with a mate. Never seen more than one per golf course either, come to think about it.