Thursday, November 17, 2016

Moving right along......

 We finally have new neighbors...... This lovely couple seem to have moved in and enjoy daily lunches in the back yard.     Sand hill cranes mate for life and I suspect there will be a little one in the spring.    When they are small, they look like yellow chicks with short necks.

We have been back 5 weeks and have yet to hit a golf ball. !    That seems very wrong.    Our new sport involves packing and packing and more packing.    We won't talk about whether we have sold this house (don't count your chickens and all that )  but we are headed west very soon.     Movers will be here in 2 weeks and  the month is full of changes.    

We really really look forward to getting settled once and for all.   We've been in a state of upheaval for months and it's time to put our feet up and enjoy the view.       Selling two homes, buying another and all the upheaval and stress that accompanies it is not for the faint of heart.    One of us has a steady hand and smart, well thought out approaches to make our plans a reality.    The other is good at whining but can declutter and donate with abandon  and lift heavy boxes.    We make a good pair and will celebrate 53 years of happily ever after soon.        We are very proud of the life we have made together and even prouder of the amazing family that surrounds us.  


  1. I don't envy you this long process--won't it be nice when all the boxes are unpacked and you can find stuff again. You two sound like us, one is methodical and keeps everything and the other throws out stuff she later needs. Happy 53. Life is good. Keep at it!

  2. Sue, I just e-mailed you but then thought I'd drop by to see if you posted. It sounds like you're in the home stretch. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. It's finally started to snow in Breckenridge. We really need the white stuff! Hope you have a great 53rd Anniversary!