Friday, October 7, 2016

Holding in Place.......

We are currently in Gaffney SC.    It's in the western part of the state, near Greenville/Spartanburg.    We have the annual RV maintenance done here each year on our trek to FL.    We had hoped to leave here tomorrow and be back in TV by Sunday.     But based on the initial forecasts, we will probably avoid the mess farther south and enjoy the parking lot of this place for a couple of days.    Once we learn that the roads are open and winds/rain are long gone, we will tiptoe our way south.....we'll probably have to head west again, towards Atlanta instead of Savannah.
We left our new unfinished home on Sat, as scheduled.  It was hard to leave.   I have a lot of plans for it and am anxious to get settled.    Of course, the weather was just perfect but the day after we left, the chilly jeans and sweater weather settled in.
The drive thru the mountains was gorgeous with the changing aspens and dustings of snow on the peaks.     We had a relaxing weekend with the kids in Denver and ate lots of good Mexican food.

Since then, it's been long days  across the plains.    The weather has been good, even tho we had to drive a bit longer one day to leave some tornado watches behind us.      We usually schedule a day off along the way but this year, its 400-500 mile days with no breaks.    Last night we stopped to enjoy Nina and Lillie in Lexington (great nieces, 2 and 5 and so good to be around the young ones again).   Then it was dinner at the unique Windy Corner Market..... highly recommend it !   Plus, the drive down country horse lanes with impressive estates is a treat.

So, now it is Friday morning and we are stuffed after oatmeal at Cracker Barrel.   Of course, I had to have part of a pancake as well....they are fluffy and served with real maple syrup.... yummy!     There's not much to explore around here, plus it's raining.    So, we sit in the waiting room with CNN blaring every detail of the weather in the background and hoping the MH will be done in a few hours.    No problems, just annual   ( expensive) stuff.  

Talk soon..........


  1. Thanks for the update. Wishing you fair weather on the final leg of your journey.

  2. Hope you're on your way again by now.

  3. Sue, It was good to hear from you - and nice to know that someone has been successful with a plant-based diet for years! We're still plugging along, trying new recipes, and I'm getting used to chopping up a LOT of veggies! Sounds like you're on the way back to FL. Good Luck on your house sale. You'll soon be my distant "neighbor!" PS Do you find it hard to eat plant-based when traveling?