Monday, December 24, 2012

Peace, Love and Joy to you all.......

Wishing all of our dear family and friends a joyous Christmas filled with the spirit of love and kindness.     

Friday, December 14, 2012

There are no words........

The heartbreak and horror of today in our beautiful hometown  is beyond comprehension.    Our hearts are heavy and sad.    Andy and Mason attend a nearby school and we are so very thankful that they are home safe tonight.  

Monday, December 10, 2012


I think I mentioned this favorite kitchen tool once before , or maybe not......can't remember that far back.    Anyhow, this Blendtec blender will grind up your golf balls, your avocado, including the pit and probably your favorite shoe in case you wanted to make a smoothy out of it.     I use it most days for delicious nutritious enriched tasty smoothies.     Everything not made of metal is susceptible to being  smooched.    Most days it is fruit ( a good way to get rid of ripe bananas or less than perfect strawberries), acai juice, flax seeds, protein powder, veggies and always greens....spinach, kale.    Sometimes it needs a bit of blue agave syrup to sweeten it up a tad if I've put too many tart things...tomatoes really sap the sweetness out.      
 I make enough for two and he never wants to know what's in them.....and sometimes an opaque glass and straw are best to avoid the unappetizing color....but they always taste great.    I've also made delicious squash soups and if you keep it blending long enough, it will heat the soup.    This little item is pricey but will take care of all those things in the refrig drawer that are long last their prime.  

After coming back to the homestead from our  prolonged stay-away, the yard sadly suffered from lack of attention.    We had a lawn service for mowing and trimming but they obviously didn't earn their pay once we were gone.     So they are gone and we are looking into another.    And, then the delightful little (and I mean REALLY little) ghost ants decided to drop by.     They are called that because of their whitish color and the fact that they appear out of nowhere with no apparent access.    Our pest service is excellent about dropping by as soon as I call to assess and take care of the beasties  (ants are all we've ever had and if anything else came to visit, I would have to move out).
These appeared near the sofa and I had a few crawling on me....not being very visible, I just FELT like things were crawling on me.........
finally realizing that they were !!   I even took two with me to my PT session ......    They don't spray for them and instead use sugar it takes a few days.... I saw one last night but hoping it is the last of his tribe.   

Speaking of PT...  I had my last session on Friday and see the Dr tomorrow.   Hopefully, he will clear me for normal activities.    We have started taking Pickleball lessons and altho I am careful to not do anything to aggravate it,  I'm not about to try golf until I'm cleared.    P has really taken to PB.   It is played on a court smaller than a tennis court, using a large wooden paddle and a wiffle ball.   It is almost as popular as golf down here.    Considering he was in ICU 7 years ago, his ability to try this is amazing and he's already better than me.......for now.  

We did make an effort to put up some outside decor for the Holiday.    I doubt we'll put up a tree inside or float Christmas balls in the pool or have cookies and milk for Santa.    But the outside does look nice and it took minimal kind of decorating.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Back where the sun shines.........

Important stuff more useless time waster that I've found is Word with Friends.    I'm not alone in spending the $2.99 for this app. , nor the only one spending waaayyy too much time dreaming up ways to trump MaryBeth and Jon.     But they managed to gang up on me and I fell to defeat with this one benign word, placed just right for  105 points !!!!     It was painful......
 A couple of years ago, we were there for the choosing and cutting of the Christmas tree.   It was rainy and cold.   This year was only a tad better so we opted to keep the home fires burning while they tromped thru the forest of pines to find the perfect one.     While waiting for it to settle and dry out , the boys decorated this smaller one for the big window.  

Only one ornament fell off.....and didn't break.  

We got home late late last night after a 4 hour flight delay.   First the plane broke, then we changed gates for another plane and then we had no crew.    We were not optimistic that we would ever get out of Newark.    After eating a delicious roasted vegetable wrap, we finally boarded and then  napped as we hurried South.

Florida is so sunny and bright and warm....   and colorful.     But it lacks rambunctious little boys.