Sunday, January 30, 2011

Is it or is it not...........

a blog ?? My apologies to all my loyal followers who thought they had signed on to a blog filled with titillating stories and scenic views, posted regularly and predictably. Alas, I have led you astray and my true nature of procrastination and laziness has invaded even this part of my life. I will try to either stay with it.....or concentrate on finding the missing golf seems I can't do both these days.

So, to catch you up on the exciting days of the elderly, we had great company 2 weeks ago. Mike and Jenna, sans all 4 kids and the assorted birds and dogs, flew in from Colorado and we headed to the beach.
We noted this church floating along the inner coastal waterway and upon investigation, found that it is a floating wedding chapel ! How fun is that. (click on to enlarge).
Weather was sunny and not overly warm but perfect for shelling on Sanibel's famous beaches.

While we were enjoying the pelicans and good times, Andy and Mason were dealing with snow, snow and more snow and a power outage. And because the morning toasted bagel is a requirement, dad came to the rescue with the kerosene bagel toaster.

Currently, we are back on Sanibel Island, enjoying perfect weather for biking, shelling and dining outside. We brought the RV down for a couple days and are staying at a place filled with snow birds that have been coming down for 20 years. They are a friendly and busy group and have welcomed us. One of the nice employes referred to the Periwinkle RV Park as Periwrinkle Park......................

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Today I'd rather ...... than go for my morning walk. Well, actually, I'm just trying to avoid the walk. It is 41 degrees, cloudy, windy and I'm trying to deal with shin splints. So, you all get to share the trivia of my life once again.

This is the man with the raspy voice that we all like to cozy up with by the fire......or rock away the hours with his music of years past.
This is the Rod Stewart we actually saw last night. The Great Pretender series brings look alikes, sound alikes and wannabees to The Savanna Center. I enjoyed his
plausible attempt at impersonation altho the raspy voice was mostly missing in the 90 minute aerobic renditions of favorite music. The back up band was good and in general, the old people really got into it, complete with the oversized soccer ball bouncing about the crowd..... Never having seen the REAL thing, I'm assuming the various gyrations, dancing with the crowd and whirling the microphone stand, are RS trademarks. I enjoyed it, Paul not so much.

I found a great time waster I need any more. Someone recommended an app for the iPad and I had to try it. It is really fun.

You write with your finger (or spend money on a stylus) in colors and various line width. Comments by others said they take notes with it in meetings.......I think it would be fun for kids to practice writing. I enjoy doodling on it. Have no idea if there is any real practical application but it is fun..........and did I mention the procrastination feature??

Friday, January 7, 2011

It's been a good year............... far anyhow and shows no signs of going anywhere but up.
It's time for new beginnings and promises to one's self to do better, get organized, freshen up one's life and generally recharge for the upcoming year. If only I was so disciplined to think I could actually accomplish what my inner voice suggests. At the very least, I could try and update the blog more timely......

Christmas was good to our families and it was delightful to be with most of our grandkids near the holiday.
IPads seemed to be the gift of the season and we were no exception. Jon got one
and our family generously gifted one to us. It is a delightful little machine. It sits
in it's nice little case and is very fast and just feels good......just like the iPhone. I'm still undecided if I prefer reading books on it or my Kindle. I'd like to recommend my current read but I am slogging thru a tome of some 900 pages highly touted by the New York Times Book Review. I think I'd be happier if I went with my own instincts and just read trash. I'm learning more about India than I ever wanted to know.

While in Colorado we were having fun making coffee in the Cuisinart Single Brew coffee maker. The variety of brews and instant gratification are appealing. Soooo, we picked one up when we got home.

I only drink decaf and so far, I haven't found one I like as well as a brewed choice. And it's expensive to try them all out since you can't buy the little K cups individually. I like the Cafe Mocha and would like to try some teas. I like the hot water feature for soups and tea bags. But, it is annoyingly expensive and extravagant despite its appealing convenience. Fortunately, Costco has a long return policy so we'll give it a fair trial. Anyone else have one ??

And it looks like the beginning of a good year for Jeff and Jennifer who have announced their engagement. The big date will be September 3, 2011 in Portland, Oregon. We are delighted to welcome Jennifer to our family.

PS: If anyone finds my golf game, would you please return it ASAP !!