Friday, November 3, 2017

No news is good when you're this old........

I enjoy the morning's still a surprise that it comes so late and I find that the day is getting on before I realize it.    I am highly synced to sunrise and sunset.     The leaves are gone, there is fresh snow on the mountains and we are thoroughly enjoying the fall weather.   This is the latest we have ever been here and I'm liking the wearing of the jeans and sweaters.    It's still quite warm in the afternoons.   

Speaking of sweaters......this has been a project for about 10 months.   But it mostly sat in its basket as I pondered some of the harder aspects.    But, I'm wanting to look at new projects so trying to finish up those floundering along the way.    This is made of Lopi wool  which is what Icelandic sweaters are made out of.   It is quite coarse and I"m hoping it will soften after a nice soak and take on a finished look.   I made this in the round and then actually cut it down the middle.    This is a very intimidating thing for knitters but so far, it is behaving as the youtube knitters said it would. 


The other day, a friend and I went" shopping in Delta"......that sounds like an oxymoron I realize.   Delta is about 30 min north and is reminiscent of towns from the '50's.   We pass thru regularly coming and going to Grand Junction.    Many stores are empty but those that are open seem prosperous.   There is a nice shop that many go to for good brands of clothing and accessories.   We also had a great lunch at one of two Mexican restaurants on Main.   Note that Colorado blue sky !  

Montrose has some very nice shopping on Main as well.    And surprisingly, a very high end boutique.....cashmere and beautiful boots and leather wearables.   Altho it looks like just a stoplight on the way to somewhere else (Telluride), there are some impressive homes and ranches out there in the hills.  

And I've been remiss in tooting my horn !!    While we were away in CT, the last luncheon of the Ladie's Golf League was held.    And guess who won Most Improved Golfer for 9 Holes ????   I was stunned.    On League days I usually play 9 holes but not always so guess they thought that's where I fit in for this award.    I didn't get a big check or $$$ to spend in the Pro Shop but I'll take my name on a plaque anytime.    Now I just have to prove that I deserve it.    

And on a happier note.........  This book seems to be the rage of late on the many blogs that I read.

I think we've been doing this for awhile now.....

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Day 1 Hiking in Utah

Our Cobble Creek Hiking Club is large and active.   I'm in awe of these seniors that trek around the outdoors with unabashed enthusiasm.   Wearing sturdy shoes, ugly hats and backpacks with granola and water systems, they conquer the highs and lows of this beautiful country.    We have been lax this year in joining them on the Wednesday and Saturday hikes and I always feel guilty when I head to the golf course instead.      But this week, we joined in and headed with about 15 couples over to Utah.    Above is the view as we drove through Capitol Reef NP.    We were there about 3 years ago so just passed by.    
We took the MH and camped at a SP in Escalante.   A small town supported by tourism, it is in the heart of the Grand Staircase.    ( A huge geological area that I do not understand fully but our government apparently feels that it should be plundered and assaulted.....and that's all I'll say about that for now......)

The next morning, we headed out to hike Lower Calf Creek Falls.     Considered 'easy' in some guide descriptions, it follows the creek for 3+ miles.     

The trail is rocky and requires careful footfalls and hiking poles to maneuver the serious ups and downs.   On the levels, it is sandy, much like a fluffy beach without the ocean.   It was hard work.   Some turned back, concerned about the return trip.  

 Across the canyon were these pictographs.....a bit below center and above the shadow are 3 figures.   I tried to zoom in closer but then it got blurry.   The Fremont culture lived in this canyon 900 years ago.     I can understand why with it's water, open space for crops and safe from invaders.

Our destination was the beautiful falls.   It was very cool and peaceful and a good place to contemplate our lunch and our tired feet.

It took us 5 hours for the 6+ mile walk and altho we probably wouldn't do it again, we highly recommend it.     And I would rate it 'easy/moderate'.
I've divided this trip into 3 blog posts in order to get the pictures in the right keep reading.

Day 2.... Willis Creek Trail

We did not know what to expect when the recommended hike for the day was a slot canyon.   I had an idea and also a nagging feeling that I wasn't sure I wanted to hike in one.    I had heard the horrific stories of flash floods and saw the warnings that being hit by a flash flood in a canyon is comparable to 2 elephants slamming into you.     I felt somewhat comforted by the blue skies and dry forecast.     We drove to the trailhead on a 5 mi dirt road occasionally encountering deep deep sand....not passable in a regular car.  

 We did about 4 miles on the trail.   It was breathtaking.

Note the warning on the sign.....

I have a touch of claustrophobia but felt fairly comfortable.    The group mentioned another slot canyon they wanted to try where you have to walk sideways without your pack to get thru.   However, the visitors center said there was chest high stagnant water in it that smelled like "dead rats"......!!!

This was a treat of a lifetime..... I hope we will go back.

Day 3 Bryce Canyon

Another day, another walk unspoiled.    We headed about 49 miles south to Bryce Canyon NP.    We'd been there about 3 years ago, in June.     This day it was a bit cooler and a lot more crowded.   Utah takes a break from school in Oct and this Thursday was the first day.    I was happy to see so many kids and parents out seeking nature at it's finest.    But it meant for crowded trails so we opted to just do a few miles of the Rim Trail.    Bryce is all about looking down from the top.   To see it up close, you must walk  down into the canyon among the hoodoos.   It is very unique and fun.   

Since we already knew what was down there, we strolled for awhile and then ran into part of our group and opted for lunch at Ruby's Restaurant....... I ordered a portobello burger (the best I've ever had) and then justified the 4 berry pie by the prior 2 mi walk.    They are known for their pies!    

The next morning we packed up and headed back home.   We were a bit delayed by a slow moving traffic jam....