Friday, January 22, 2016

Dear Diary,

 I apologize for my lack of enthusiasm in keeping your pages filled with titillating tidbits but to be honest, I think you'd be pretty bored if I entered our daily doings.

But, needing to update the past month is a requirement if I want to remember what I did I'll jot down a few highlights.

Connecticut was all decked out for Christmas and the boys were as excited as ever.    Despite TWO grandmothers, the cookies barely made it to Santa's plate on Christmas Eve....but we did have carrots for the team.
The hats were knit  and wrapped.

 We had to play catch-up and watched the previous SIX episodes of Star Wars before we could see the 7th.   Fortunately, Andy and Mason were able to help us figure out the bad guys and the relationships and the history.    So we were all smart  when we trooped into the movie.   But glad we still had a kid near us to help us thru a tricky part.

Boys playing their new and improved XBOX while sitting in their new and updated bean bag chairs while I keep warm in  my new slippers.   

I guess Santa ran out because he did not bring a NEW LAMP for this house!

 Meanwhile, out on the snow-less grass, Granddad is getting a lesson in drone flying.    No, he didn't get one for Christmas.

And so diary, I'm not sure when the pencil will hit the paper again but as long as we are healthy and active and able to remember our names, I suspect I will have something to say.