Saturday, November 21, 2015

One week back.............

According to Mark and Annette, it's been NINE days since I updated the blog !!!   It's very nice to know that I have a couple of loyal followers and that there were concerns that we were stuck in SC with a sick RV.    But truth be told, the hiatus had no such drama, just one very lazy author and one week of nothing too exciting to share.    We have been here exactly one week, almost to the hour.   
It was good to finally land but then it's the unloading and the finding room for the "stuff" that we haul back and forth.    That part of it still isn't done altho the closet has been purged and the kitchen is organized but the outlying areas are looking a bit unsettled .    
Houses need care and attention and 6 months of Florida's unrelenting heat and humidity and rains were not kind to the exterior surfaces.    The power washer went into overtime for 2+days and now everything is sparkling again.    The Annual Gecko War is still ongoing but at least the only thing we found inside was a  desiccated one.     We'll repeat this entire process again in the spring.   

One more Colorado picture, a beautiful sunset the night before we left. (zoomed in....they are really not that close)   And Bronco man standing tall and proud  before he came east.     Sheri wanted her picture taken with him..... she's recovering well from major back surgery.      

 And so, the day after we arrived, Bronco Man stood tall and proud prior to the game ......part way thru, I checked on him and he wasn't doing so well.........a perfect metaphor for the game...

 And this is how we all felt......very deflated and discouraged and wondering what tomorrow will bring when Peyton isn't even getting on the plane !  

 The golf game is getting another chance to shape up......Pickleball is again a daily affair for the other half..... there are 164 PB courts here in TV.....with 12 more being built.    Largest number IN THE WORLD!!

And so the settling in keeps going is hot and humid and the morning walks are an exercise in wiping sweat.    It's good to back among friends and the familiar but the mountains are always calling my name............

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thoughts while rolling downhill..........

We're almost there............I could say that we're almost home but then I could also say that we're almost NOT home.....where is home ??       Maybe I'll just say that we're getting closer to the rest of our STUFF.

Before we left the mountains, we had a gathering of friends and neighbors at our house.  Great people, good times.       Then we headed East.

Our departure was based on weather and leaving Montrose in the sun for the beautiful drive over the mountain passes was a smart move.  

Time spent in Denver with family is always a highlight but seeing "Lion King" on stage was over the top.

Kansas is flat and I  visualized the tribes of the plains roaming free.    The prairie grasses are being restored in the middle lands and it is a good thing to see.

Long days through the heartland but we were ahead of the weather all the way.  

Lexington is always a beautiful stop ..... rolling hills with miles of fencing to contain the magnificent horses and spending time with family once again.     Watching a baby navigate upright is always a time of wonder and smiles.

The view through the windshield from Knoxville to Asheville is worthy of repeating in all seasons.   Following the white water rivers, it is a roller coaster ride thru the Tennessee mountains.   And rather white knuckle if you're driving a moving house.....

Time in SC while the rolling house gets its yearly maintenance is a much needed break.  

And then it's southward towards the sun and palm trees and good friends.