Monday, August 31, 2015

Land of smoke and wind and rain....

We have been at Waterton Lakes NP for 4 days.    When we arrived, the smoke was dense and acrid and views were non- existent.   We are in a large campground next to the commercial section of the park.   WIFI is Ok for email/phones but not for computers.   It is a lovely area and very popular.  The long lake is surrounded by peaks and glaciers and it is known for the strong winds that barrel down the lake and give the trees their obvious lean.   
The first day we stayed indoors or in the car due to the irritating smoke.    

The next day it was clearer but cloudy and windy.  We chose a modest hike.  There are warnings about bears everywhere.  Some CG's are closed to tents because of the bears.   When we arrived at the trailhead, there was only one other car.  I am not so brave and was hoping for more hikers making noise to warn the Bears of our presence.    But we ventured forth with our tinny bear bells jingling.   It got quieter and the woods more dense.   After climbing about 3/4 of a mile, I gave in to my vivid imagination and we turned around.   And then, 4 young hikers came noisily up the trail.   We chatted and I admitted my fears.  They generously invited us to join them.  We declined but said we would turn around and go further if they'd ward off the furry beasts ahead.  We caught up with them a few more times and took each other's pictures.  

Here they are at the falls.  The trail crosses from Alberta into British Columbia.  We were also close (as the crow flies) to the U.S.

We ambled on for awhile and turned back when the sky looked threatening.   The rain drops came as we reached the car.   It rained heavily all the next day as well.   The wind is fierce and there are warnings out for winds to 100km/hr !!

We will head to Banff tomorrow ( if we don't blow off the road). And hopefully be able to write the blog and post more pics on the computer.  

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Grand Teton NP

You drive along and suddenly, there they are!     This magnificent upheaval of granite just abruptly rises out of the prairie floor.     There are no foothills.     They tower over the flat sagebrush and beautiful lakes.    

 In order to get up close and personal, we chose a hike along Jenny Lake.    We weren't the only ones and at times it was like a busy sidewalk.     We climbed gradually alongside the lake ....

 In awhile, we came to Hidden Falls, a noisy tumbling scenic wilderness.  It was nice and cool up there.          After a total of  3+ miles, we came to the lakeshore and hitched a ride back to our start aboard a popular shuttle boat.    We had plans to try another 3-4 mi outing today but it is raining......and chilly.     Not at all bad tho as we have two long days ahead of us and we are enjoying the sound of rain on the rooftop.    Currently, we are at the Jackson Lake Lodge grabbing up all their free WIFI.    The lodge has huge windows that frame the evening view of the mountainous spires but the clouds and rain have kept them hidden.  

Mr or Mrs Dusky grouse crossed our paths on the trail and seemed in no hurry to get on it's way.

Heading north

Our first day we ended up in Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area on the Utah/Wyoming border.     John Wesley Powell named this gorge after going down the Green River and seeing the red canyon walls.     In the early 60's, it was dammed and is now a 91 mile long reservoir.    We did a tour of the dam itself.    After we parked, we noticed the sign.    A young man had been standing in front of it....but I guess we qualify.        

 Gazillions of trout circle, waiting for the handout of fish pellets.

 After the tour, we grabbed our backpacks and headed out for a 3 mile hike along the river.    It was hazy due to the smoke from wildfires but still very beautiful and peaceful.    There were many fisherman and rafters on the river.

Always being watched.......about the same size as the anoles in Florida.

We are now in Grand Teton NP and my battery is very low as I sit outside the store where the WIFI is great.       Talk tomorrow.

Monday, August 17, 2015

No news is good news .................

Got nothing much to share these days.    Weather is about perfect, friends are mostly perfect, we are rarely  perfect and life is good.     
Since I put up the feeder, we have been besieged by hummingbirds.    I only put up this poor quality picture to prove that we do have them.    But I am unable to capture anything about them.    Plus, the sun is in the wrong place most of the time.     I'm not sure if a tripod would help.      My neighbor put out a feeder also and asked if I was getting many hummers.    I said that I was and she sighed in frustration.     I then told her that I put 'red wine' in mine and maybe she should do the same ( not ! ).....she said that if I'd put white wine in she'd come over and drink from it........the visual was too much !!


 This week, Jenna and former Coloradan, Bev, drove over from Denver in order to enjoy some back country Jeep trails.    The flowers are fading a bit but there is an occasional columbine and the paintbrush and fleabane are quite prolific.  

And this fawn was out exploring with her twin while  mama kept a watchful eye.  

Otherwise, not much happening out here in the SW.    And that is a good thing.    

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Enjoy the ride...............

A few pictures of our wanderings in the majestic mountains with the Denver Mile Hi All 4 Fun rally. 

 This was a very rare sighting..... momma and her calf.     Later, we saw another moose standing hip high in a lake but too far off for a picture.  

 Very tiny tiny flowers at 12,000 ft.     I think it's Spring Beauty.

Thanks for coming along !

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Buena Vista, Co.

We are currently sitting in a dusty cactus filled field with huge ant mounds and assorted 4x4 vehicles, campers, RV'a and tents.    It must be the 49th annual Mile Hi All 4 Fun.    Everyday we go high into the glorious mountains to view the tops and stunning vistas and to capture it all.   BUT, my aging MAC has decided not to download any of my spectacular photos.   This is the only one I had on my phone to share of the event.    I doubt they were stealing it but who knows. 
I'll Try for a better update when we get home.