Sunday, December 29, 2013

Home in Style...........

It was a wonderful month, filled with an abundance of family and celebrations.   But all good things must recede into our memories and we need to float down to reality  and get on with the  everyday life of the happily retired.

  So we are home once again........   The journey was filled with pride as I was finally able to fly on the same plane as our son.    Paul has flown with Jon before but not I.     Jon is a First Officer with United (previously Continental before the merger).   Since he was very young, he has wanted to fly.    When he turned 16, he went out to the local small airport to see if he could volunteer to wash airplanes and was immediately offered a job !!   He was ecstatic and his career in aviation began.   From there, he went  on to get a degree and then worked his way up the ladder of aviation.   Despite seeing his father having to weather the Eastern demise, he was not discouraged from seeking a career in this changing industry.      This is a difficult time to try and go stand-by on crowded holiday flights but we took the plunge and with the help of our upgraded status ( traveling with a crew member) we were able to get the last two seats from Newark to Orlando.    He warned me that it would be a bumpy ride ( during which I turn in to a huddling mess of anxiety) but it was not of the scary kind.    And knowing that he was avoiding the "potholes" just for his mother, helped a lot.    Jon is on the right and his landing was smooth and skilled....just like his father's always were.     We wore our pride in our smiles.  

We will miss those two active boys .....  Mason spent the day working on his Lego creation (from a kit) and it was quite masterful.    The lion head with the huge teeth raises and lowers and there are assorted projectile firing mechanisms that periodically take aim at a cat or two.  

We have NO plans to pack a bag anytime soon but that doesn't mean that there aren't exciting plans being made....... Stay tuned.   
And a very Happy and Healthy New Year to you all !!

Thursday, December 26, 2013


As we travel around the globe these days,  we join family in celebrating major events and happy gatherings.    Unfortunately, the resident photographer managed to delete all the graduation pictures except these two.    
 Becca received her Marketing Degree from Colorado State and Kelsey received her Degree the evening before .    The next day, Mike and Jenna held an open house with amazing food and friends and CAKE.  

 Then, leaving beautiful Colorado behind, we headed east to Connecticut to share in the excitement of two delightful boys.    Andy and Mason were all ready to open their Christmas pajamas and begin the wait for Santa.    Two Grandma's and one Granddad were thrilled to be a part of it all.  

 The morning brought laughter and glee and exclamations as Santa showered the family with generosity......and more good food !       We ate and played and read new books and napped and some of us even went for a 7 mile walk in the chilly grey day.    My excuse was an annoying knee once again.   Santa didn't bring a fix for that !    And then, another table filled with prime rib, sea bass and assorted family recipes.  

Today, I came down in the early dawn to find the two deep in concentration on their new iPads.   They are to be used for reading and school work ..... but games will always be their preferred choice.  

We wish you all a joyous New Year and we'll see you when we get back to palm trees and flowers.  

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The best of times........

I have only a few pictures, very casual shots, to share.    In a wise move, the personable minister spoke up at the beginning of the ceremony and said that only the professional photographers would be allowed to use their cameras and they were to remain at the back on the church.     At the end, she encouraged everyone to get out their phones , ipads and cameras and take pics.    These are with my phone.    There were 6 attendants and the dresses were perfect.   And the bride looked radiant in her beautiful billowing gown.   

 The reception was a very joyous celebration......

 Here's my favorite college freshman......
 Do you think the parents and grandparents had enough glassware on the table ?.

 Even cowboys need to rest their feet.

 Mama was filled with pride and emotion.....

 Becca and her special beau Kory...... he's a very tall 1st grade teacher....and a delightful young man and we approve wholeheartedly  !!

We have a few more days at home and then we head WEST AGAIN !!  (We really need to move out there and save on airfare !! )   This time, it's to honor Becca and attend her college graduation from Colorado State.    She will return to Disney in February as an intern....a repeat of last year as a Fairy Godmother.   We are thrilled that she will be nearby once again.
On the 23rd we will head to Connecticut for Christmas with Andy and Mason.    They are getting a beautiful snowfall so we will hope for a white Christmas.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Memories are made of this..........

Because this blog is all about ME, this is the only picture I am posting today.     Yes, we were gone for almost 2 weeks and this is all that I have for the moment.     I made a big mistake when I packed.   I did not take my computer and I did not take my big Canon.    I decided to go light and took my small point and shoot Canon and my mini iPad.   Neither of which were worth a hoot for capturing the wonderful moments we had.    

We left on the 26th of November.   On the 27th was a perfect rehearsal dinner at a lovely Bistro that Mike and Jenna frequent and the french owner made it all very special and delicious.    On Thanksgiving, we were part of a large gathering at "the hostess with the mostest" home of Caroline and Doug.   They manage to make it look so easy in their lovely home.    And it was fun to watch the balloon team from the Fiesta cook 2 turkeys with all the trimmings and drink.    Remind me to share a Sangria made with fresh apple cider, gingerale, brandy and fruit.   
On Friday, we attended the wedding of Kelsey and Nicholas in the beautiful 125 yr old First Methodist Church in Denver.    The service was personal and beautiful.    Then we trekked across the street to the historic Brown Palace.  The pictures will not do it justice....the reception was everything you would want.   The bride radiant, the groom beaming  and the parents proud and happy that it all went off so smoothly.    We danced and ate and mingled and had really good champagne and were among the last to leave the party.    See, we're really not as old as we look !!

The next day, after walking to breakfast a few blocks away on a bright and sunny and warm morning, we all went our separate ways.     Since it was OUR day, we decided to enjoy the quiet and reflect on our 50 years of marriage and 55 years of being a couple.     There is no way to remember it all except that it has been just about perfect (well, most of the time) and we have been so fortunate, so very lucky and so blessed.    We could not ask for a better family.     ....................OK, now I need some tissues..........
Anyway, we walked the Denver streets, marveled at the excellent art museum, learned something about our favorite area at the History museum and finished the day with dinner at the Brown Palace.   

The next morning we headed WEST.....we had plans to come home but we do love the mountains so we went exploring.     And then it snowed, dry powdery deep fluff that made the ski resorts rejoice and put us in awe of Mother Nature's beauty.    But it was also very cold !!   Near zero and altho I had my new coat to keep me warm (read earlier post)  , I had to buy boots.     
And so, this story will continue, with pictures of the wedding and the mountains......We have the pictures in P's computer but having issues with transferring to mine......