Thursday, January 24, 2013


Good thing I bought some new pajamas because I have NO plans to leave the house for as long as it takes for my hair to grow.!!    All I said today was to "cut it a bit shorter"  because I am planning on being in the rainforest and my thick hair blows up in humidity.    I noticed the damage before the one side was done but there was no gluing it back on.   So I suffered in silence as she cut the other side to match.   It looks like a bowl was put on my head and then the sides shaved.   Plus, my hair is lighter (read grayer) around my now exposed ears, so the strange cut really is obvious.    I almost said to cut the rest of my hair really short so it all matches but just wasn't brave enough.     I may think about that option for tomorrow.  
My only hope is that my hair grows really really fast and will grow in a bit before we leave in a week.    Too bad we aren't going north....I'd just wear a hat....actually I would need to since I have no hair to keep me warm.    
I realize that of all the problems I COULD have and of all the problems that others have, this is not worth whining about...................  but I really want my hair back.!!  

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Enjoyed an uneventful drive home with our shiny new caliper.    We had the best weather all week until the day we left and it was COLD.    We didn't pack for sweater weather so P had to wear my pretty baby blue fleece to keep warm while packing up and unhooking.   It brought out his feminine side.        
While hanging out in the campground, several of the coaches had the twirling balloons hanging off their exterior mirrors.    Sort of a sign that "you've been there".... We had ours out as well and can't wait to go back in October.    

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Still waiting.......

No progress on getting out of here.    It's not a bad place to be stuck AND, we could just drive home and come back and get it but each day they seem to think the part will be in.     So, we loaf and hang around and eat and loaf and eat.......   Actually, yesterday we went to the HUGE RV show.    We walked for hours in the hot sun, climbed in and out of varied sizes and shapes of RV's and decided that we liked ours best of all.   No real changes in the new models and nothing we needed to add.    Then, as we were leaving, we saw someone with a bag advertising British Columbia tourism .    Since that is someplace we would be interested in going to, we backtracked to the  vendor booth on the opposite side and gathered up all sorts of good info.   But by then, our feet were done. !!
  Later, we gathered with friends we had met on the road.....the best part of this lifestyle.   One couple we met in Nova Scotia.   They are parked right behind us in the CG having their 1 yr warranty work done.   .....She also fell off her step this fall and broke a bone in her foot !!   And since they have a house in Colorado we have a lot of commonality.   The other couple we met in Colorado and he and Paul connected on the Tiffin forum.    So we had good catch-up time over Happy Hour.    Also, we were in a large MH at the show and someone said he was considering a Phaeton....I said that we have the conversation continued, he asked if we'd had any problems......I mentioned the tow and he said, I'm on the forum and I read your comment about the issue.....AND, I also saw you on the side of the road with the tow truck.    So, we're all connected out there in RV land.

We're ready to get home and start the prep for the Costa Rica trip.   I'm drawing and getting refreshed on my camera and mentally packing in my head.    Can't wait !!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The culprit.........

 It's the  caliper and yes, it can be a source of fire and damage.       We have sensors on the tires to give us feedback as to tire pressure and temperature.   It is part of our checklist to note the numbers.    It also has a warning sound if either of those parameters changes slowly or rapidly.    On departure day, the batteries were dead so the decision was made to go on ahead and buy replacements at our destination ........................................................!!!!!    Good choice, Bad choice???  Actually, it  wouldn't have changed the outcome but we might have had some earlier warning on temperature and pulled over before the panic mode set in.    But we still would have needed the tow and repair.    Yes, the batteries are now replaced and we will be very alert on our next outing.    Dean and Diane have had this happen twice !! and it was a defect and there was a recall on their calipers.  I would feel better if the other ones were replaced but know that won't happen.  

So, we remain at Lazy Days.    They need to order the part ( wouldn't you think that in a place of this size, they'd have one on the shelf ?  ) and then reschedule to put it back together so it will be the rest of the week before we can take it home.     We are debating whether to stay or go home.   It is very comfortable here with complimentary meals and Happy Hour  ( the chardonnay tasted like battery acid tho....)  Tomorrow is the HUGE RV show right down the road.    Since we were just at the big one in Hershey last summer and since we have a new MH, we don't feel a strong need to go .....  there are also seminars offered here every day on every imaginable subject related to RVing so that could fill the the beautiful beaches are just down the road and we've never really explored this popular tourist area......but then there's the golf and pickleball at home and the getting ready for the BIG trip.   We'll have to flip a coin............. 

We are disappointed that we won't meet up with Mark and Annette in Naples but later in Feb we hope to try again.    And, the timing of this failure was much better than on some more organized trip.    And we know what to be aware of  in the future.     Jeremy , the hefty tow guy, offered that he'd rather tow a garbage truck in the rain at midnight than tow a big RV....said they are just too delicate.   Hopefully, we won't meet him again but we know he's out there waiting for us if we do.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

It's never a good sign............

......when the tow truck pulls up in front of your MH on the interstate......!
We were about an hour from home, merrily moving down the highway.    Then, the steering wheel started vibrating and we noted a strong smell of something burning.    Fortunately, within a few scary  seconds we were off on the side of the very busy Interstate and stopped.   We have read really bad stories of fires in wheels, resulting in tragedies and total destruction.   I had the fire extinguisher in hand as we stopped and hopped out to look for the source of the smoke/fire or whatever it was.    I saw nothing but the acrid smell was strong and coming from the Lt Front tire area.    That side was the one next to very heavy traffic, so P was very cautious about sticking body parts too far out.    The wheel cover was dangerously hot to the touch.    After deciding there was no fire, we  re-entered the coach and made a phone call to the company ( like AAA ) to come and help us out.    And so, Jeremy and his heavy duty tow truck showed up  and towed the MH down the road as we followed in the car.    
There were guesses as to the nature of the problem but it seems centered around the brake.   And so, he brought us to Lazy Days, the huge RV sales and service company near Tampa where we bought the coach.    Early Monday morning, we'll hope they can diagnose and treat the problem and get us back on the road.   It's very very busy down here so not optimistic that anything will be done quickly.    But, since we are a member of the Crown Club , because we bought a  certain model of RV, we get free camping and meals at the Club....and a pool.   When we were pulled in, a small group gathered because really, how often do you see one of these big rigs being towed ?    One guy said his friend had to be towed 30 miles and it cost $1500 !!
We don't feel too bad could have been worse.      Everything is covered by warranty, we are only 90 min from home if we have to leave it, and we had plans that are easily changed.......And the weather is lovely and we aren't in the middle of Wyoming.        So, we'll hang around tomorrow until they decide what and when and do some exploring and just relax.

Actually, there is one black spot on the whole thing.....I had plans to wear my Broncos shirt proudly on this trip....... !

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Game Day.......

I started the day with an early morning walk thru the thick fog.   It was pretty but I was cautious navigating crosswalks because these old people don't see well even on sunny days and I don't trust any of them in a moving vehicle.     Near the house, the sun was trying to burn off the dampness.    
 We're loading up and heading out in the morning.    But first, our attention is directed at the BIG game.
Broncoman is upright, the tee shirt is on and we sit in our A/C while the Denver fans shiver in 7 degrees.     We're optimistic but not saying that too loud...........UPDATE:   It is tied at the half and I am taking back any optimism that I had and trying all the good karma tricks I know......

We're heading over to Sanibel Island tomorrow for some sun and surf.   We'll take you along........

UPDATED UPDATE............................................................say it isn't  so !!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


At the last minute, (because we always do things at the last minute) we checked to see if we could join a tour to Costa Rica.     Alas, the tour deadline was in OCTOBER and because we sat on our thumbs, they had given away the hotel rooms and there was no room at the inn.    
Until this morning.... while I was winding my way thru the aisles of Publix.... I got a phone call saying they did have room and we could come along after all...!!!    So on February 1st , we will spend 10 days on an Art and PhotographyTour.   If you want more details, click on the link and click on Art Tours at the top.  (Lynne, I think they can squeeze you in....Vermont is too cold anyway!)    I took botanical art lessons a decade ago from Mindy at the NY Botanical Gardens.   Ever since, I have looked at nature with a new eye and have tried to capture our world with pencil and a camera.    I have wanted to do this  each year it is offered but always managed to find a reason not to.......But now, there's no more wanting.........we are going !!   Paul is equally enthused as it is not just  for artists and we will see a varied view of the country.    ( Clarification:    I am NOT an artist. )

So, February is about full.   When we get back, it is just a couple of days until Andy and Mason come down and when they leave, we head to the Keys in the MH.

Otherwise, life on the lanai is busy with bad golf (me), great pickle ball (him) and good friends.  

Saturday, January 5, 2013


...... our next year.    We don't normally plan anything more than a few hours ahead of time.....Most of the time it works out OK but occasionally,  like this week, we are disappointed when we can't do something at the last moment.     There is a glimmer of hope that it still might work out but we are not optimistic : (       

Anyhow, we are trying to look at the next year and schedule our life around known events coming up.     We have graduations in May and December.    There is a big wedding in November that we can't miss and we especially need to give ourselves a nice treat to remember  50 years ago.     Andy and Mason will come visiting in February.    We have Florida get-aways in the MH in the next two months and then escape from the heat in May.    Should we head east, west, or north this year ?    We'll end up at the Balloon Fiesta again in October but what trail will we find before that ?    

The days are still quite nice down here with occasional bursts of 80 degrees.    We need rain but not on golf days.     Come on down, the water's warm !!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A day in the life of a ........

SEVENTY year old.     Yes, one of us has tipped over into another decade.  !!   And the other isn't far behind.    To prove that we are still very much alive and well,  we headed out to the explore the 
 Withlacoochee Trail.    A former railbed, this flat wide trail winds 46 miles thru central Florida.   We did not manage that many miles but did meander along enjoying the perfect day and the view from a walkway carved into the swamp of bald cypress and spanish moss.   In this particular section of the long trail, there is signage to help identify the birds and trees and tell us that we are following in the footsteps of the Spanish Explorer DeSoto , some 500 years earlier.

And to celebrate the day and the accomplishment, we had a picnic of delicious PB&J's.    The wine came later !!
We stayed home this year for the holidays but welcomed Jeff and Jennifer.    They came down, played some golf, went to Key West, got sunburned, came back and played more golf.     And , I didn't take a single picture of them!    I find that hard to believe but I have nothing to post to prove their existence in Florida.     They took pictures so I'll have to hope they read this and forward one to me so I can show you how good looking they are !!
2012 was a great year for us and we plan to continue doing whatever it is that made it so................