Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Not ready for prime time.....

I casually took some pics of the interior with my iPhone during the walk-thru.    I intended to take better ones but we left before I remembered.....so you get the 'before' shots......   This is a view of the Driver's side of the coach with the 'not-so-subtle' area rugs that I copied from Erin.  We love them and they cover the lovely white tile.....I would love to expose the tile as it really brightens up the place but there is grout......and where there is grout, there is required scrubbing and crawling about on all fours to clean said grout and I have enough of that in the house..........and after all, we are "camping" and bringing in the outdoors to leave on the floor.               The table pulls out to seat 4 with 2 more chairs.   
 On the opposite is my favorite thing....the very large Kitchenaide with ice maker and water dispenser on the inside....(outside would have been nicer but won't quibble) and huge freezer on the bottom.  
 Here's a poor view of the kitchen area....2 large stainless sinks, microwave/convection oven not shown.    The half bath is opposite the refrigerator.....   that sliver of light in the back is the large full bath with shower, large closet and tons of storage.....and a stackable washer/dryer.   The bed can be seen....I removed the bed coverings and pillows that coordinate and purchased a lovely cream, silky quilted bedspread to cover the down comforter (not shown in pic).   There is a TV opposite the bed and plenty of storage.    Also a central vac is back there.  
This is a view of the TV / fireplace and recliner....opposite is a queen sofa bed with inflatable mattress.   
 Just a pic left in my camera....not sure what kind of flower it was.....
We came home yesterday and left the MH down there....hopefully, it will be ready in a couple of days and we can gear up for our traveling days.
We are having glorious rain..................we sent out an invite for  a tropical storm and Beryl came to visit.    

Friday, May 25, 2012


Delivery day came earlier than planned.    We checked into the mega RV one stop shopping center early this morning and by 4 pm, we were moving our stuff into the drawers and exploring all the buttons and gizmos that this beautiful toy has to offer.    We started the "walk-thru, orientation" with a very knowledgeable 'tech' and put it thru it's paces  trying to find stuff that needed fixing.    There hasn't been much so far and we will finish it up tomorrow.    

 They parked us side by side , door to door, to make it easier to transfer everything.    We had already emptied and cleaned our coach so we only brought a few things with us to set up housekeeping.    We'll gradually fill up more of the ample spaces but for now, we have most everything.
It is really really pretty.....   It has many of the same features,   washer/dryer, fireplace as our Suncruiser but in a more  luxurious package.    Now, one thing needs to be clarified.....we did not spend our kids inheritance on this.....and altho it was not cheap, (Paul is a master at making a good deal, plus we had a really good trade-in), it is not in the category of those high end coaches.....nor as big.    We can still fit into ordinary campsites and maneuver in relatively tight places.   But with the more powerful diesel engine, we can tow the Ford instead of the Honda and climb mountains faster than a snail.    AND. ....it has a bath and a HALF !!.   So  we each have our own loo.......  We took it for a test drive and it was so smooth.....and fast.   We never go over about 62 mph and Paul had it up to 73 before he realized it.    And that's why we'll use cruise control.  
Anyway, enough about our new vacation-beach-mountain- home.....I'll take some interior shots in the next day or so when I get it put together.  

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why would we leave....

.....when the weather is picture perfect, the golf was not terrible, the lunch with good friends was a treat  and the dip in the pool made for a lazy afternoon.      But, we know that it won't last.    We've had unusually low humidity and moderate temps for most of the month.    Once the heat and sweltering southern climate kicks in, it will be unbearably uncomfortable anywhere out in the open.    I will declare my golf outings over until fall and will take up "winter activities".    It's not a bad thing but if there is an alternative, we'd rather consider it.   

The new blogger is giving me fits.....I don't exactly know what I am doing and too lazy to spend some time to figure it all out.    I'd rather watch Mr. Gecko cavort in my Jade plant.    Yesterday, I counted 6 of the reptiles inside the lanai....they do eat bugs and such but I'm afraid they need to be evicted......or worse (for them) before we leave.   

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Because you wanted to know........

The big taste test had to wait 24 hours......no gas for the grill. 
 I was glad to have Rian chime in as my personal gourmet chef expert and suggest  a maple syrup / soy mixture.   I happen to have 'real' Vermont maple syrup on hand, added some soy and basted it on the fish as it grilled.    When it was thoroughly caramelized and flaked easily, I sampled it and was happily surprised.    It was delicious.   I think I have avoided it because I detest the smell of it while cooking in the house and just assumed it tasted as bad as it smelled.    To my amazement, it was meatier and milder than some other 'white' fish that I eat.     The syrup was the perfect touch.    I highly recommend you try it !! 

We're getting closer !    We will have our new moho on the 31st, 2 weeks from today.     It will be driven to our dealer in Tampa on the 24th and they need a few days to 'prep' it and with Memorial Day in the middle, we'll have to wait a few extra days.      The area rugs that I ordered (special thanks to Erin who has them in their  beautiful coach) arrived today and tomorrow the Ford gets the equipment attached so we can tow it instead of the Honda.   I bought new Corelle dishes.....less chance of breakage as we go over those rough spots.    I have a set already but wanted some prettier ones.   I still have to decide on towels / bedding / and throw rug colors....   and...tomorrow I get my last color and haircut in Florida until October !!!    

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Still here..........

Not  much happening at the homestead these days.    I'm trying out the new blogger and finding it a bit more of a change than I particularly wanted and I'm sure I'll screw up the blog somehow and have to spend way too many hours fixing something.     I really admire those of you who have mastered blogger and have brilliantly choreographed blogs with all sorts of detail and  exciting headings and categories and links and such.    Mine is the vanilla variety and it's as good as it's gonna be............
 We are finally getting some precipitation.....not of the heavy variety, just more a misty drizzly type.    We are in a  drought and can water just
once a week.   The golf courses are seriously brown and hard-packed and the retention ponds are dried up.    We are entering our rainy season and hopefully, central Florida will once again become tropical.   As the above picture indicates, we are kind of in a donut hole with the heavy rain amounts going around us.....

This is a traveling family.    Some is business related, as in Michael and Jon but this week, it's vacation time.     Jeff and Jennifer are enjoying a break in Cabo from the Washington spring weather.     Mike and Jenna are celebrating 25 years with a trip to Hong Kong.    We will travel along vicariously.
And we are also looking forward to some serious traveling in a couple of weeks.     We are awaiting delivery of our shiny new 40 ft motorhome.     We debated many moons over this and decided :
1)   We thoroughly enjoy the lifestyle
2)   Our Suncruiser has many comforts and we know it's quirks
3)   Our Suncruiser is getting to be high mileage, accumulated over 5 years
4)   Our Suncruiser has some issues that can't be changed
5)   Our Suncruiser still has value as a trade-in
6)    We made the mistake of going to a huge RV show in Tampa

So, after debating brands, models and other modes of traveling .........
we decided on the Phaeton model of the Tiffin brand.    Those of you in the world of RVing will know it well....  It is the most popular model sold of all the Class A motorhomes in the past few years.  It has all the bells and whistles and then some.    You probably expect some pictures but the ones available aren't representative of ours so I'll post the real thing in a couple of weeks.    We hope to get it in early June from the factory.  After working out some of the bugs (and there will be bugs), we will head north......and of course, take you along.  

In my attempt to eat healthy these days, I have decided that I will TRY and eat some salmon.   Paul eats it regularly and orders it frequently when we dine out.    I haven't acquired a taste for it in the past and prefer white fish.   But tonight , I will make an effort and have some grilled salmon.   Results on the 10 o'clock news......

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bug juice......

Just got off the golf course and altho the golf wasn't so bad, the company was creepy.   It is love bug season and they are pervasive.    Getting back into the golf cart, the seats are covered in them, as are the windows, your clubs and they are crawling on your legs and your clothes.    Everytime I tried to grab my phone for a pic, they would wander off to some other haunt.    Fortunately, they don't bite .     May and Sept are their season.   
We've been home almost a week.    The train to the bus to the plane was very efficient.   I listened to a conversation in the seat ahead of us on the train.   Two 20 somethings, one hispanic, one kind of scruffy, who didn't know each other at the outset, settled into a conversation for the 90 min ride and I learned that the one had done 9 months in Mexico for cocaine but got out of a 20 yr sentence by paying $8500 to someone....the other was currently in some sort of rehab for drugs and was out again and heading to see his girlfriend.....he had been in rehab 32 times!   He has a brother who "always did what his parents expected" and was now in finance and making 7 figures and altho they loved each other, they had nothing in common.   His goal was to earn enough to go to Costa Rica and live "naturally" with his girl and raise a family on a farm.   The young Mexican seemed to be on a more straight  but very narrow path and initially said he didn't do drugs anymore , just a beer or two but as the chat continued, he did admit to doing coke a bit.      It was fascinating to hear them talk so openly and honest and with no apparent regard for others listening in.   I feigned indifference with my nose in my Kindle and others seemed equally occupied or maybe they've all heard it before.  
Based on what I heard, I don't give the one kid much hope of ever getting to Costa Rica.  

We are working on a new adventure and currently in the 'hurry-up and wait'  period.    Stay tuned.............

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Do you remember what you wore....

...to your Prom ???

Bet it didn't look like this !!

( pics are clickable of Alex and Meredith )

Guess who our dates were for our Jr and Sr Proms ..??

Friday, May 4, 2012


The days are gloomy and dreary and cool.....

The cats and I are waiting for the sun......

In the meantime, the walk from the recliner to the refrigerator is my most strenuous exercise and soon , Madge might look like a role model......

(Oops , I should have given credit for the Madge clip as I lifted it from a favorite blog....www.sandeedee.blogspot.com. )

Location:Sandy Hook, Ct.