Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Definitely, maybe........

Any plans we had for travel are again up in the air. Not a problem but soon, we'd like to know which direction on the compass we are going to follow. The memorial service for Romayne has been postponed until fall. It will work out better for everyone.
We could stay with Plan A and head west.....or deviate a bit and head North....or combine them into one lonnnggg meander. We'll decide this week when P gets the FAA and simulators out of his brain.
Meanwhile, as I think about this weighty issue, I am sorting and cleaning and packing up Romayne's things. Most everything is being donated to Habitat for Humanity for their thrift store. A beautiful mink coat will go to the Humane Society to be used for beds for wild animal babies. China and silver is being packed up for a niece who is the beneficiary. This is my dining room table....first I had to unpack it after being in this box since the original move....and then I will repack into smaller boxes. Luckily, I don't have to polish this silver

And I'm learning that I know nothing about jewelry. She left some lovely rings, beautiful pearls, assorted pins. I thought I could figure out what was 'real' and what wasnt' but just to be sure, I took it to 2 jewelry stores for a quick appraisal.....well, most of it was plated gold , zirconia and fake ....even the beautiful pearls. But does it really matter? I'm sure that like me, most people can't tell the difference and the recipients will appreciate them regardless.

It's always fun when Jon snaps pictures with his phone as he zips thru the skies and various airports.
It's good to see these familiar colors once again.......yesterday in Tampa.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Aunt Romayne gently slipped away this past weekend. She was 98, highly independent, enthusiastic and always with a smile and positive word. She lived in Florida near us for about 3 years, but always missed her Colorado mountains.

So we are in transition as well. Travel plans have always been a bit limited due to not wanting to leave her for more than about 2 weeks at a time. Now, we have a wide open schedule and I think we are finding it a bit daunting.
We'll load up the RV and begin with a trip west for her memorial service mid-July in Colorado Springs. We will probably continue in a westerly direction altho meandering around without too many plans is always more fun.

Weather has been very very hot and dry down here. The golf courses are hurting and restricted to cart path only which makes for a long , hot game. There is a good deal offered of $6 for 18 holes after 5 on the Championship courses. We played last week and it does start to cool off about 7 and with a cold one in the cooler, it makes for a fun evening with friends. I'm loving a new Ping 7 wood that works off the tee, on the fairway, in the rough and would probably do fine as a putter. I suggested that I need a matched set but no one heard me.

Paul is working a bit, making 2 trips this month to Miami for instructing. I hold down the homestead and ward off the geckos.