Friday, April 29, 2011


Just thought I'd throw in proof that we have a great family and have had some fun times. This one is from Paul's last flight , over 8 years ago. We all hopped on board and flew from Denver to Puerto Vallarta , spent a few sun and beach days and then came back to cold snowy Denver on Dec 31st. It was a memorable time . It's been a busy week; saying good by to Andy and Mason who filled our pool and house with happy laughter; and Paul having to say a final goodby to a friend and colleague in Ct.

And now we are gearing up for a busy month of May.....which could possibly include
getting the 'moving roadblock' all prettied up for her next trip.....and
might just include a visit with our favorite teens again
and by going to the left coast, we'll meet up with this good looking pair.

We won't make the final plans for several days but we're getting out the maps and making the lists.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Which one of these.......

Is NOT like the others ??? Does that bring back a little Sesame Street memories?My screen bugs of late have had some company...........this is the errant gecko who has taken up residence on the wrong side of the screen. He seems to enjoy the neighborhood but aside from eliminating a bug or two (no proof of that however), I find him of no value and his darting about the plants is a bit startling at times. He landed on my foot one morning when I was dousing the plants with the hose.

Jan and Curt (Paul's favorite sister and brother in law) arrived from Ky by way of Kiawah Island, SC. We can't compete with that kind of beauty but did manage to find some of the natural Florida over in Homasassa Springs where the manatees live and the native flora and fauna are in abundance. The weather was perfect for a stroll among the flamingos and the alligators and Jan's favorite turtles.
I'm enjoying the new camera altho I haven't taken snaps of anything National Geographic worthy. This is the bird of paradise leaf after a rain.
My lone hibiscus is adding a bright spot on the lanai with its constant blooming.
Andy and Mason practically wore out the pool during their stay. It's so fun to see them develop their swimming skills in such a short time. And mostly on their own, with little coaching. They put on snorkles and took to them immediately. I remember my first time well and had to fight off the panic of breathing underwater.....I can't imagine trying scuba........

No, Mason is not driving the golf cart....just a time lapse shot along side the cart path with the underglow lights visible.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

14 holes in 1:35 mins

Jon and boys are at Springbreak Casa for the week so haven't had time to update the 'world famous blog ' in quite awhile. So enjoy this video that Jon made yesterday with a fun iPhone app when he and his dad enjoyed a warm round of golf. Towards the end, they play the 4th hole behind the house and the boys ran over to join them. Turn the sound on.............

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yes we have no pictures... despite the fact that I now have THREE cameras. I have a well used Sony that has served me well. Then I have the very excellent iPhone which takes exceedingly good shots and I can quickly email, text them or save to iPhoto. And now I own the Canon SX130IS. It has an amazing zoom allowing me to capture images far, far away. It has way too many pixels for me to appreciate. It has a 3 inch screen to view the immediate shot. And Sam's had it for a great price. I got all the details I was looking for and now have to learn how it works.
As I compose this (on the iPad for the first time ever) I am struggling to keep warm in Connecticut. I came up yesterday with hopes of finding Spring........but it is taking it's time. . There are still patches of snow around and daffodils barely out of the ground. Waiting for the boys at the bus stop, I found patches of pussy willows and brought some home to join the vase of tulips I bought. And I saw two robins.
Paul is basking in the sun and fun back home and waiting for favorite company .

Stay tuned for views from my lens.......