Monday, August 25, 2008


After a few minutes of deliberation....I'm not one to dwell on things of global importance.....I am going to take a blog hiatus, a blogvacation, a blog nap.......I am going to take some time off and give all of our thousands of readers a break also. I will probably continue with some type of online journal as I find it an invaluable aid to my sometimes deficient memory. But I won't publish it. I know that you will all go thru withdrawal and angst but hey folks.....there are a lot of blogs out there to keep you entertained. And more are arriving on your computer doorstep everyday. Writing a blog is very one-sided and probably just a tad bit ego-centric. (ya think ??) . Up until recently, there was always something going on but now I plan to really sink into retirement mode and inactivity and really, what would I have to share with you all.......I look forward to no more pressure to perform, to not take pictures of beautiful grandchildren and the handsome spouse, to stop regaling you with witticisms and pithy observations. I will sink into oblivion and leave my adoring fans wanting. But you could email you know.......just to check in now and then . And who knows, I was never one to stick to a promise.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Of sand and eye shades

I wonder if this is really the most popular event of the Olympics....or is it just at this house? Wonder if they ever get used to all that sand under those skimpy suits.......a major exfoliation experience I believe.
If it's a Wednesday, we must be traveling. But then, being retired and old, isn't that what we're supposed to do? Here's a view of our approach into Newark Liberty International Airport.

We came north once again to help out with the grandbabies while the mom and dad go to work. It is just strange to come back here and traverse the roads where we once lived. It is all so familiar and then again , it is different. I will say that it certainly looks like Ct with the large homes, the lovely vintage homes and beautiful landscaping and all the German and Swedish cars. Money lives here. The old park where there was a swimming pond and turtles used to crawl out of while we were sitting on the beach, is no longer there. Well, the park is, but they filled in the pond and made a gorgeous play space for the kids. We went shopping, rather browsing, at Best Buy and the boys wereentranced with the room of large TV's. Just a minute before, it was all penquins on the screens.

One day, Andy talked me into going for a walk to the pond. It is about a mile from the house and once we got there, it was quite lovely and a perfect place for rock throwing. My rock skipping skills are pretty rusty. The walk back was entirely UPHILL. I had taken a wagon just in case some little legs got tired but never imagined that pulling 2 in a clunky big plastic wagon up a steep hill would be so daunting. So I made them walk. And half way up , they declared the need to rest. At which point the mother of these able-bodied children called to see how we were doing and then drove down and picked them up. The wagon and I continued our now peaceful journey uphill.

And now, we wish to share with you a rather ingenious invention. To be used while flying when you have forgotten your eye shades, your wife won't close the window shade because of a slight issue with claustrophobia, and you are cheap.........transform that boarding pass into an effective light blocker........providing of course, that you don't mind a few strange looks.....or maybe they are just starring so they can copy this brilliant idea.
Now , we just need something for the drool and the snore.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

Mike posted these pictures, and many many more, to his flickr acct so I was able to pull out a few to give you a peek at what the guys were up to last week. This was an event put on by a Denver jeeping group and national sponsors and about 300 jeeps or sturdy 4 wheel drive vehicles and about 800 persons attended this in an area near Leadville Colorado. Leadville

is the highest incorporated city in the US and boasts the highest golf course. It sits at 10,430 ft and back in its heyday during the silver mining boom, it had a population of over 30,000. Today, it is a quaint , seen better days, type of place but headquarters for exploring the beautiful mountain areas and camping.

Despite being in the minority, Lizzie held her own among the guys and became the videographer and photographer on the trails.

Here are Paul and Alex in downtown Leadville. In the background is the Golden Burro cafe, a favorite stopping point on our trips over the pass many years ago. They had huge, warm, fresh cinnamon rolls.
Camping was not entirely rustic. Mike originally planned on using the tent but with Paul going, they opted for more style. And they weren't alone. There were many many RV's dry camping as well.

Helping someone over a rough spot.
The area is dotted with the remnants of mining buildings. I remember that some of the more remote areas had entire towns still standing but very vacant and ghostly.

And you thought your roads were bad !

And why not try the stream ...........

Getting started on the day's run.....

They all arrived home in one piece, including the Jeep. I suspect there will be some interest in next year's event.

At over 11,000 feet on the Continental Divide. Mike, P, and Alex.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Two different spectacles.....

It's pretty quiet down here in the sun belt, which is good because it is too hot to do anything. For about 3 days it has been very uncomfortable but then last night it seemed to return to lovely weather again. And this morning it is perfect.

Still no pictures of the Rocky Mountain Jeepers. Mike did send an email with the pictures embedded in it but I couldn't get them separated out. They are back down in Denver, just in time for torrential rain last night. I'm not sure when Paul will head east or where his destination will be. I am going back up to Ct to enjoy the little ones while their parents earn enough money to pay for the big house. I also plan to visit with long time friends from the area. Should make for a fun time.

Last night I was torn between watching the Opening of the Olympics and the John Edwards debacle.... For awhile, the slimy story won. One of the commentators was very harsh, calling him a slick and sleezy lawyer among other things. Obviously, we've been down this road before with politicians but they usually don't have a smart, talented wife with terminal cancer. Another commentator was so befuddled as to why he continued running for President with this in his history. He said he knew of very capable and excellent men who have chosen not to run because of background issues, including illegitimate children. Wouldn't we just love to know who that is?? It is just sad that men and power results in stupifying egomania.

But, on the other channel was the opening spectacle of the Olympics. I really had no intention of watching it but finally turned it on and was speechless ......the tens of thousands, the costumes, the coordination , the color, the symbolism. Wow !! But for a different take on all of this, go to one of my favorite bloggers and read her thoughts. . She also belongs to and writes about her Six Hole Golf League.........yup, they just play 6 holes and then adjourn for lunch and plan the various social events during the season.
The tedious job of decorating is losing its charm quickly. I did find a table and chairs and have been looking at fabric samples for some recliners that don't look like recliners but the enthusiasm is waning and I think that maybe boxes for end tables isn't so bad after all.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Here and there.....

You might wonder why I have included this particular picture when it is about 400 degrees in Colorado these days....they are in the middle of a heat wave of unrelenting proportions.

Paul and Mike and Lizzie and Alex have taken this vehicle, minus the snow coverings, up to the mountains for a week of 4 wheeling....check out this site for details (I forgot how to use the hyperlink feature) They are also roughing it at the campground in the motorhome. I was certainly invited but preferred to keep my head at sea level. Many many years ago, 20 to be exact, when Jenna was very pregnant with Nicholas and Michael had a broken leg, the family spent a week 4 wheeling around the Ouray/Telluride area The area is breathtaking but terrifying when you are on a narrow trail high above nothing but air. We have often talked of returning, for a more sedate viewing , but have yet to make it.

Mike and Jenna went on one of these events last year in Moab and loved it. I'm hoping there will pictures to post this week. They have good cell coverage and I'm assuming Mike will be able to send pics out on his phone.

Meanwhile it is quiet here at the homestead. I'm determined to get this place settled and with that goal in mind, I'm heading to Orlando tomorrow with Ann and Jane , my nice friends and neighbors and golfing partners, to shop for STUFF.....but important stuff like maybe a chair or two or accessory pieces. My shopping enthusiasm just isn't what it used to be so I'll have to FORCE myself to keep going.

I went out looking on Saturday and think I might like these chairs. I'm going to get a round dining table and will be able to fit 8-10 chairs around it. I thought of getting 4 of these sea grass ones and 4 of something else. I don't like the matched look.

And here is a look at the area rug that we have in the living area. It is from Pottery Barn and has great colors in it. I just ordered another for the dining area. I had ordered a different one for under the table but it just didn't work. So my floors will certainly be bright. But the rest of the house is so beige, with walls and floors being neutral that this gives it a real spark. Both carpets are 9x12.

I would show you a pic of the new desk area and cabinetry and island, but it isn't done. One of the doors needs to be replaced and the shelving isn't in. I really am enjoying the space and organization capabilities. Plus, the cherry is just plain beautiful. Now I need to tackle the lighting overhead. Just too much to think about....................